Wednesday, July 6, 2011

why is mater in the refrigerator?

Im assuming we all know who Mater is, if not... here he is.


Miss Ginger has decided from here on forth
all trucks shall be known as Mater.

Tuesday morning I heard Ginger, yelling from her bed...
"Hi! How are you?! How are you?! Good Morning!"
who the heck was she talking to, I wondered...
I'd like to say she greets me like that first thing in the morning,
but its more like,
"where's oliver? Im hungry. I wanna go downstairs. Im hungry. Im hungry, mama."
She was greeting Mater- the garbage truck.
which was out front collecting her dirty diapers.
So we ran downstairs as fast as possible because seeing Mater makes her day.
And she stood outside, bare bottomed, wearing nothing but an ear to ear grin.
It's the little things in life.

Last night we bought a Mater at Smiths.

photo (32)

I've found Mater in the fridge three times.
But I used my super advanced detective skills
and put the pieces of the puzzle together...

ginger mater and a watermelon

the watermelon lured Ginger to the refrigerator.
She had to set down Mater,
how else was she supposed to dig her fingers in the watermelon?

Everyday brings new adventures, new mysteries, new trucks in the refrigerator.

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Angela said...

»-(¯`v´¯)-» I'll make sure to remember that when I see her in Nursery!