Monday, July 27, 2009

update kinda

I said kinda because I have a million things I want to post
and I dont have time right now.
Why? Because now that Ginger, my doll and foot grabber and
Baby Einstein Obsesser. I know- not a word-whatever.
Anyway now that this dollface has entered my life, it seems like
there are only 10 hours in a day.
No, I lie, 12 hours of sleep and then 2-3 hours to get stuff done.
Stuff including; changing diapers, and listening to hours of the most annoying
music on tv EVER, freaking Baby Einstein.
Cant live with it, cant live with out it.

Remember when I said I was going to make a blog about being a new mom?
And I asked for names and whatever.
Well...not going to happen. Which if you knew me- you could have predicted
that. I always talk about these grand ideas and then...nothing.

So now I am trying to redesign our blog.
It has a new name, Im not telling though.
You'll have to see for yourself when/if it ever gets done.
The thing is Im doing it myself.
As much as I want to enlist the ever so talented Amber
who could bust this blog makeover in an hour,
I am determined to do it.

Okay...going to CA tomorrow for a couple days for some R&R
if G is not sick, which she has been so Im crossing my fingers.
Lauren do you see this?

G is teething. So fun.
Also smiling and she loves my singing...crazy.
Eating oatmeal, sorta. Her bib eats more.
Finally getting bigger.

Case is working HARD, and it sucks in the heat.
Love him for that.
A skate ramp (a large thing thats called a mini ramp)
has been put in the backyard behind the pool and
not to get to personal but seeing him Skate- kinda a turn on.

I am going to make an appointment with a doctor tomorrow
because I have issues that seem out of my hands.
I weigh as much as an Olsen twin (no offense to them-I am obsessed with MK)
and its getting worse.
I look like a boy. ugh.
Also I have a new job that I may or may not stay at.
Bad energy the first day- not my style.

And we found a house we love and I cannot wait to decorate.
And headed again to my aunts birthday party in CA, this weekend.
Trust me- it will be bananas, my dads side of the family-
oh the parties they have!

Thats it for now but I promise a super dope blog makeover and
a super dope post coming soon.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

just a taste

Im SO far behind on blogging...
our fabulous memorial day 4 day party,
our lovely staycaytion, our anniversary,
and our 4th of July chill vacay and just life.
PS I also spent a week with a bestie Amber

but we didnt take pictures...why? who the freak knows...
it was a lazy week, just what we wanted.

So heres a little picture, I will catch up. I think.


Ahhhhh I love it, a porch, a swing, and a daddy/daughter nap.