Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why Journals are Awesome.

I used to hate keeping a journal.
Seriously, how embarrassing are the ones you
wrote when you were thirteen?

My mom said she used to refer to herself as Fred
in her journal.
That cracked me up.
Especially because she had no logical explanation why.

Anyway... I cam across my journal from my first year of marriage.
I know, Right?
Oh the first year... It's such a ride.

This story made me laugh SO hard.

It was an entry I wrote 6 months into married life.
I have confessed to all of you my awful lack of time management skills.
I always have to say it twice, it' s so bad.
So at the time I was working from home and really struggling to
not procrastinate so my work day didn't seem never-ending.
I wanted to do nothing but work for 8 hours.
Then close my computer at five p.m. and focus on way more
important things.
Like t.v.

behold, the entry:

Casey took the cable plug so I couldn't watch t.v. today
and focus on work.
I didn't know he did it, until he came home
and told me.
I was so mad and my feelings were hurt.
I felt like I was twelve again
and my dad was telling me,
No tv until homework's done.
I hated that Casey did this.
He promised he wouldn't do it again.
He better not.
Because I'll never settle for a marriage
where the husband pulls dictator moves like that crap.

This is so freaking funny to me.
I have no memory of this happening at all.
But I can picture it perfectly...
Me complaining hours on end to Casey
about how I wish I could stay focused on work.
and Casey thinking like men think(generally)...
She's telling me all this so I can fix it.
And his solution is to take the cable plug to work!
So I can't let Oprah distract me.
And I can totally see him preparing to say to me,
You're very welcome sweetie.

Oh, it's awesome.
Because I know he had good intentions.
And to read my feelings regarding "dictator crap".

He better not.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Favorite EVER

This is one of my most favorite family photos ever.
This is my Grandma Sheila.
My mom's mom.
I remember seeing this picture when I was very young
and it made me swoon.

Grandma Sheila

And now I am going to tell you a story of my grandparents
who had a brief marriage but a lasting love and fondness for each other.
I hope I do this justice. It's perfection.

My Gpa was such a handsome young man,
That seems to be the most fitting word.
I wish I had a picture of him as an 18 year old...
He looked like Elvis.
He came from a family of seven.
Although his parents were very traditional and strict
He was still somewhat of a rebel...

My Grandma Sheila was an only child.
Her parents were very wealthy mostly because my great-grandmother
(Nana) was an incredible business woman.
She was also incredibly controlling.

Grandma Sheila and Gpa started dating when they were teenagers.
I want to say this happened when Grandma was a senior in high school
and my Gpa had already graduated one or two years prior.
I'm not sure and I'm too lazy to fact check.

Nana hated my grandpa right from the start.
Which doesn't say much.
She hated everyone.

So anyway Nana and her current husband left town for the weekend.
So naturally, Grandma Sheila had a party.
My grandpa said he was going through my Nana's closet.
(Something I would very much like to do)
And he pulled out her silk robe that was lined with ostrich feathers
and put it on.

Okay so there's my 18 or 19 year old Gpa waltzing around in his girlfriends mother's silk
robe complete with feathers...
When all of a sudden...
you guessed it...
My Nana has returned to the house because she forgot something.
He tells it like this...
and oh this image never fails to make my smile;
He heard Nana's shrill yell.
Their friends started dispersing in all different directions.
He grabbed my grandma's hand and they
jumped on his motorcycle
him still wearing Nana's silk robe and they rode off.

I can see them on that motorcycle, laughing wildly,
ostrich feathers trailing in the air, and my
grandmothers long hair blowing gorgeously.

That story is my happy place.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ray... A drop of Golden sun

Is it embarrassing to admit I cried
very hard
during this video?
It's just that sweet.
And the timing of finding it was impeccable.

Can you just imagine a world
wherein upon feeling blue and "woe is me"
All of a sudden you hear a sound...
the sound
of music.
And a group of happy strangers walk through
your door and spontaneously start dancing.
Even throwing in such classic moves
as the Mac-arena.

Yes Please.
Sign me up for that.

Because all of a sudden I'm feeling a little lighter.

And yes.
You read correctly.
This post does contain a sentence that reads...
Wherein upon...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ginger turned One!

13 days ago.

Oh there's so much I want to tell you.
So I'll call this part one.

I was not prepared for what I would feel
on Gingers Birthday.
I just kind of thought... Wow One.
We made it a year.
The end.
'The end' of birthday emotion I mean to say.

But no.

First of all, I got a 50/50 approach to "first" birthdays
from the peanut gallery.
I mean that in a kind and loving way- friends and family.
Half thought it was monumental.
Half said, Oh they wont remember a thing so dont give it too much thought.

Well, the side of me that loves the drama
started conjuring up ideas of a grandiose celebration.
And the lazy, procrastinating side of me embraced the latter.

So, torn, I was.

I cut out some balloons out of felt and fabrics
and hung them outside her room
so when she woke up... she'd at least see pretty color on
the walls and think to herself...
What fabulous blobs of color on the wall!
This is an awesome day already!
She was entranced by them throughout the day...
so I'd say it was an accomplishment.

She was getting over an ear and throat infection
so we couldnt go out.
I get the idea that no one recalls their first birthday.
But I also understand that even one year olds appreciate
So if I could indulge her in every way possible for the day and
try to get her to set a record for smiles and giggles...
then I'd count her birthday as a success.

So basically we tore apart a couple newspapers.
Watched Sesame Street and Yo Gabba Gabba while
eating a chocolate doughnut.
Played catch about 18 times.
took every tissue out of the tissue box and
All the books off the book shelf.
Read 10 of those books 10 thousand times.
I bounced her on the bed over and over
and over again.
Until I couldn't breathe.

And I received a billion smiles.
It. was. awesome.

Ginger Estelle Treese
March 3, 2009
About 1 hour old.
G newborn

March 3, 2010
1 year old.
IMG_4486 copy

And here are two pictures from the most
exciting place in this dollface's little world.
Our bed.
Dont worry...
I'm not going to insert the obvious and easy joke
about it being Caseys most exciting place either.
Because, how tacky would that be?

IMG_4508 copy

IMG_4516 copy

This one would be the most precious picture ever.
But I am pretty positive Moses got jealous and
purposely got his butthole in there so we couldn't
hang it on the wall.
If you knew him, you'd whole-heartedly agree with me.

More lovely details,
I'm dying to chronicle...
So hopefully this blogging motivation lingers a while.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello again

I really love a unique vintage scarf.
I never really wear them.
But they are just so beautiful to me
I always find myself buying them.

Apparently Casey is training Ginger to adapt
my obsession...

g scarf

I woke up and came out in the loft to find her with a makeup
sponge and my scarf on.

And that is why I love those two.

Because Casey always remembers the importance of accessorizing
our child.
And because Ginger taking very well scarves and applying fake makeup.

Some people like to brag about husbands doing laundry
or babies doing silly stuff like walking.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I've had a rough day
couple days
few weeks.

Copy of 014

That's why I need stuff like this in my life...

kanye and taylor