Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Favorite EVER

This is one of my most favorite family photos ever.
This is my Grandma Sheila.
My mom's mom.
I remember seeing this picture when I was very young
and it made me swoon.

Grandma Sheila

And now I am going to tell you a story of my grandparents
who had a brief marriage but a lasting love and fondness for each other.
I hope I do this justice. It's perfection.

My Gpa was such a handsome young man,
That seems to be the most fitting word.
I wish I had a picture of him as an 18 year old...
He looked like Elvis.
He came from a family of seven.
Although his parents were very traditional and strict
He was still somewhat of a rebel...

My Grandma Sheila was an only child.
Her parents were very wealthy mostly because my great-grandmother
(Nana) was an incredible business woman.
She was also incredibly controlling.

Grandma Sheila and Gpa started dating when they were teenagers.
I want to say this happened when Grandma was a senior in high school
and my Gpa had already graduated one or two years prior.
I'm not sure and I'm too lazy to fact check.

Nana hated my grandpa right from the start.
Which doesn't say much.
She hated everyone.

So anyway Nana and her current husband left town for the weekend.
So naturally, Grandma Sheila had a party.
My grandpa said he was going through my Nana's closet.
(Something I would very much like to do)
And he pulled out her silk robe that was lined with ostrich feathers
and put it on.

Okay so there's my 18 or 19 year old Gpa waltzing around in his girlfriends mother's silk
robe complete with feathers...
When all of a sudden...
you guessed it...
My Nana has returned to the house because she forgot something.
He tells it like this...
and oh this image never fails to make my smile;
He heard Nana's shrill yell.
Their friends started dispersing in all different directions.
He grabbed my grandma's hand and they
jumped on his motorcycle
him still wearing Nana's silk robe and they rode off.

I can see them on that motorcycle, laughing wildly,
ostrich feathers trailing in the air, and my
grandmothers long hair blowing gorgeously.

That story is my happy place.


The Bells said...

I was in the middle of a comment when my power went out! I hate that. I will try again but from experience I know I will never quite be as satisfied with the comment I leave, knowing the first one is lost in cyberspace... :(


Oh My Gosh! I freaking LOVE this story. I kinda can't wait to get busy going about my business today then stumble upon your blog again later and read it all over again! It's that awesome. Except then I feel a little sad that I don't have an amazing wild story like that to pass down to my grandchildren. Better start doing some crazy things I suppose. I so love the idea of a silk robe adorned with peacock feathers! Sounds so fabulous, luxurious, and wonderful. I see a MNO craft project brewing! k/j :) Okay, so when I first saw that pic, I totally thought it was some sort of photoshopping joke! haha. You look just like your grandma, who by the way, is GORGEOUS! You got some good genes girl.

Anyway, we really need to try to put something together soon! I miss you guys like crazy. And Ginger, OH I need to squeeze Ginger that cutie face. Plus you need to chill with Isla! Let's make something happen.

Well, it's snowing right now. Better than the MUD it was raining last night. Talk to you soon.

Life as Ashley said...

What an amazing picture. And what a hottie! Is that weird, calling your teenage grandma a hottie? I'm not sure. But she is.

And a silk robe adorned with peacock feathers? I want to see it.

And lastly,the motorcycle topped the story off for me. Of course the rebel had a motorcycle. :)

Love this post.

Victoria Elder said...

Ok...TOTALLY loved your story!!! Seriously I felt so happy reading that thanks for sharing! your Grandma is definately A hottie!!!! Wish I had a sweet story like that :) But how my people roll in mejico is with panchos & a burro for a getaway vehicle.

Sheila said...

Your Facts are correct, I love this story, Thank you for telling it so beautifully and for posting the picture. Yes World My Mom was HOT!! It was lovely thinking about her today.


What a terrific story. Sounds like you have some cool grandparents. I had a good laugh, thanks.