Monday, November 30, 2009

My list for Santa

All I want for Christmas...

1. A sense of Peace in my heart, mind, home.
2. Big smiles and giggles from Ginger, in copious amounts.
3. Energy
4. To go to bed and know, I've done my best.
5. Courage and grace
6. To play more and laugh often
7. To not dwell on the past and my many mistakes. Easier said than done.
8. To learn from the aforementioned mistakes.
9. Chocolate...again, in copious amounts.
10. World Peace, of course.

Not too much to ask, right?

I'm not going to pretend that some of these requests are just everyday things that I seek after.
And I dont want others to think this is just a pretentious list and not true desires.
Life has thrown me a huge curve ball.
And really, a big part of me wants to crawl under the covers and surrender.
But a bigger part of me wants to learn and grow from this no matter what the outcome is.
So this is my Christmas list as an imperfect human being hoping for a bit or a lot of grace
to get me through.
And to all of you facing your own personal struggle, I hope the same for you.
You can borrow my list if you'd like, but you can only get #2 if you come and visit.

By the way... Ignore the "read more" link,
I cant figure out how to get the stupid thing off my blog.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Magical Powers

I have an eight month old child.
and she's starting to do little person things.
She looks less fragile.
She's a bit more assertive when she wants something.
She vocalizes her feelings... not in any sort of language we understand of course.
But it's not hard to pick up the tone; happy, excited, sad, angry, etc.
She's the funniest girl in the world to me.
She is rolling and will crawl in a matter of days, I'm sure.
She is absolutely beautiful.

She likes to wear her Peruvian getup when we go to Norway. Naturally.

And in her free time she enjoys reading skateboarding magazines.

She likes to express herself.
Copy of IMG_0891 copy

And when she's not growling she's squealing in delight.
Copy of IMG_0899

She likes to look you in the eyes and cast a spell that makes you beg her to tell you her dreams
so that you may make all of them come true.

The girl has magical powers, I'm telling you.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Moment


And to this I say. Namaste.