Saturday, August 27, 2011




Everyone needs an Oliver in their life.
He's amazing.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Because I must

Sometimes you have to just put words on something.

Ill say this most obvious statement.
I am having a really tough time with life right now.
But Im determined to walk out of this a winner.

Im not sure that sentence makes any sense.

so gratitude cultivates happiness and
acknowledging the good helps you notice more of the goodness.

I also heard that a stress free vacation on the beach is nice too...

At any rate, heres the goodness;

Milano Mint cookies- which I love, but my dad doesnt care for- strange.

Go Girl energy drinks... Mmmmm so good, but embarrassing to drink in public
because inevitably some stranger says, "You Go Girl"
which is nice but it makes me feel so dumb every time.

My family memory game that I am making... it's turning out to be pretty fantastic.
Much to my surprise.

thrift store books. I love only paying a dollar for a book.


Netflix on my phone.

Kindle on my phone. Im currently reading Maine- by Courtney Sullivan- so far I love it,
even if I only can squeeze in five minutes of it.

pictures. Old ones, new ones.

My children are steller sleepers. Thats a beautiful thing. And I know Ive said that before.
But really, beautiful. They fall asleep easily and they sleep soundly. I like to think of it as Heavenly Father's gift to me; lest I go completely nuts.


Oliver's smile. Its amazing. Oh and Oliver in pj's. And Oliver's face when he hears Elmo's voice.
And Oliver's hearty laugh.

Ginger and her gingerness. She can draw an e and an i - on purpose. she never wears clothes, random things like her saying, "Oh, for goodness sake" or "youve got to be kidding me." and her compliments, she's forever complimenting... " I like your earrings" "You made this! Good job Mama!" "Oooooh gorgeous", and the way she sometimes refers to me as sweetheart or pumpkin.

Okay, its late and I have a busy day tomorrow full of super exciting things like errands and paperwork.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dont come here...

if your looking for optimism.

May I vent? Thank you.

I hated today.
It was just a bunch of busyness, mixed in with ridiculousness, mixed in with tears, guilt and anger
and there you go.

And Im so tired of days like these.
The ones that just come and go and you realize
there is just so much more to life than all of this.
And the only person I can hold responsible for the way I live this life is me.

Theres just so much sadness going on and it gets to be consuming.

But ugh, Im over it. I need to buck up and start saying, to hell with it...
Im doing what I can do better the situation, thats all I can do, I need to let go of the rest.

easy peasy right?
off to bed. tomorrow- a new day. another chance.
well what do you know? a smidge of optimism.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


This deserves a reposting.