Thursday, October 30, 2008

This Week

Ginger started kicking last week.
These past 5 months for me has not exactly been awesome.
Don't hate me for saying that.
But her kicking is SO INCREDIBLE.
And my Doctors... Dr. Michelle Lewis and Dr. Damon Masaki are
Nothing short of perfect.

And...Last Friday Casey and I went out for dinner.
It was late.
I had been waiting For E ver!
Hungry pregnant woman = Godzilla.
We decided on Burger Bar in Mandalay Bay (after 3 other restaurants had 45 minute waits)
and on our way there Some random person gave us front row tickets to see HIM:


Joel McHale!
Casey and I both totally LOVE HIM!
All things in the universe had to align for this to happen.
Joel was a part of our destiny.
Yes, I am that dramatic.

Casey took a picture of me that night so you all can check out my BELLY:


Check out Sammy lower corner. Awwww so cute.

And..This weekend we got together with My brother and sister in law Cody and Nikki
to have chili and carve pumpkins.
We missed you Amber and Clay.



Casey picked out a Rio Jesus pattern to carve.
Which is SO Casey.
He always begs me to to buy those 1.99 candles with the Virgin Mary on them
at the supermarket.

I am so mad at myself for not getting a picture of the Rio Jesus Pumpkin sooner.
So it started molding.
Those freakin things mold in two days easily.
So I did some photo trickery to hide the mold.
You get the idea...

rio jesus pumpkin

Final thought: We decided not to name Baby Treese- Ginger.
Instead she will be named Cologne.
After that blond chink on Stylista.

Monday, October 20, 2008



Beautiful Whitney tagged me so here we go:

Enjoy the randomness...

1. I HATE DRIVING... Vanity Fair asks a question on the Proust questionnaire: What's your greatest unnecessary extravagance? If we were rollin in the dough I can say for a fact my answer to that question would be: A DRIVER. I hate the traffic, I hate other drivers and I hate lights. One time Casey told me I was a good driver. Later he confessed he was just trying to get a kiss.

2. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE DOGS BUT THAT WASN'T ALWAYS THE CASE... until I met my dog Sammy. I was the person who would ask you to put your dogs in the backyard if I was over. The hair and the licking was way too much for me. But like I said I met Sammy and he made me a lover. Anyone who knows Sammy knows he is such a sweetheart. What is so incredible about that is that he was terribly abused. Imagine loving and trusting humans so much after your previous owners physically abused and neglected you. Amazing.

3. I HAVE A FOOD ISSUE... Casey thinks this is the weirdest thing about me. This is not a pregnancy issue by the way. For about a month I become obsessed with a certain food/drink. One month it was peanut m&m's and vitamin water, another month egg rolls and boba, another month Dr. Pepper and Reesees, another month Eggo cinnamin waffles and milk tea, for three months potato soup and diet coke, currently its chai and lemon poppyseed scones and seasoned fries from Tacone.

4. WHEN I WAS 23 I HIRED A PRIVATE DETECTIVE TO FIND MY BIOLOGICAL FATHER... when I finally recieved his phone number I called and got the answering machine... I said, "Hi Aubrey (pronounced O.B.) this is Alex (apparently what he called me) Moore, call me back if you want." It was such an awkward message!

5. MY GRANDMOTHER IS FULL APACHE INDIAN. Casey thinks that's were I get my sassyness and my passionate arguing skills from. Which is probably true. But in my defense, I haven't got worked up over anything in so dang long. I think that this miracle inside me puts things in perspective. This is a really good synopsis of the Apache tribe:

They moved freely, always following the sun and the food supply. They owned nothing and everything. They did as they pleased and bowed to no man. Their women were chaste. Their leaders kept their promises. They were mighty warriors who depended on success in raiding for wealth and honor. To their families they were kind and gentle, but they could be unbelievably cruel to their enemies--fierce and revengeful when they felt that they had been betrayed.

6. A GARGOYLE WATCHES OVER ME AS I SLEEP. When you lay in my spot of the bed and look out the window all you can see is this stone gargoyle with beady eyes and talons. The first few nights I was totally spooked out by this thing. Finally I told myself its there to protect me. Now I sleep soundly and would love to have a gargoyle on top of every house I have in the future.

7. ONE THING I CANT LIVE WITHOUT IS PEPPERMINT OIL. This is an amazing life changing discovery for me. I get headaches all the time. Peppermint oil is a natural remedy for headaches. You can get a bowl of ice water drop 5 drops of peppermint oil in there, drop washcloth in there, ring out and place on forehead, or drop 5 drops on a hot washcloth, put it in your corner of the shower and ta-dah peppermint steam bath. Or sometimes I just inhale it straight out of the bottle. It's magic, My headaches disappear quickly and reappear infrequently.

I tag...
Amber ( you have been double tagged by Whitney and me so sorry sister but you have to do it or the blogging police will come after you.)
Lindzi... because I have been loving your blog and really want to get some randomness from you.
Corynn Im serious about this Corynn, youre tagged.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Optimus Prime

First and foremost... I am 20 weeks along which means...I'm halfway there!
I think I remember Casey and I high-fiving over it last night.
Doesn't it feel lame to high five your husband?
Or is that just me?
I get those babycenter updates
and it turns out she's the length of a banana.
Which seems really big.

This is my craving list...
1. Vietnamese food
2. Italian lemon soda
3. Lemon-poppyseed scones
4. Crackers and jalapeno-cheddar cheese
5. Dove chocolate ice cream

Also I love my new straightening iron.

The Hai Digistick.
I broke up with my chi because it turns out it's ceramic coated metal
but the Hai is completely ceramic.
So it's 5 % better for my hair.

On a completely different note...
We celebrated my nieces birthday last week
at Peter Piper Pizza.
The first thing Casey asked me for was money so he could do this...


I cant explain this picture.
But I posted it to ensure fair blogging.
They cant all be good pictures.
I made it smaller because it's a little less embarrassing.


Here's the birthday girl.
She wanted a transformers theme.


Here's Optimus Prime himself!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Inside Information- I've been tagged...


1. Scrubs (I feel like JD, Turk, Carla and Elliott are my family)
2. The Rachel Zoe Project- Love this show!
3. Gossip Girl
4. America's Next Top Model...although I vote Tyra as my most hated person on tv, along with Spencer.
5. Ellen
6. The Hills
7. Sex and the City (even though I've seen every episode...I know, I'm going to hell)
8. Jon and Kate +8- If they can do it with 8 I can do it with 1.

8 FAVORITE RESTAURANTS. oooooh I love this part.
1. Fragrance of Saigon ...whole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant.
2. I Love Sushi
3. Smith's and Wollensky's (but I cant afford it so I dream)
4. Chronic Tacos
5. Cafe Rio ( I feel so unoriginal saying this but that pork Mmmmm)
6. Pin Kaow
7. Yardhouse
8. Red Robin...for the fries.

1. I forced myself to eat a big breakfast of eggs, toast and potatoes so I wouldn't have dizzy spells at work.
2. Went to work.
3. Gossiped with my co-worker.
4. Went to the pool after work and layed out with my neighbor Sheila who lives in Chicago but has a condo in Manhattan (in Las Vegas) where we live... so I only see her every other week or so.
5. Listened to her advice about raising Ginger. (everyone has advice, but I welcome it) she made strong suggestions I maintain a "life". Word.
6. Signed up and look for friends on facebook. Then regreted it. Then un-regreted it. Now Im still deciding.
7. Received a call from a friend Lauren that I haven't seen in forever. She happened to be in Manhattan and I went over to the condo where she was at and surprised her with my new belly.
8. Lauren forced me to sit on the couch, got me a blanket, a glass of ice water and gave me an hour long foot rub while we giggled over silly things. I was really grateful for this. I needed it.

1. Ginger!
2. Visiting our friends in California next week. I know we'll have a great time with them!
3. Visiting our friends in Utah Soon!
4. carving pumpkins and eating homemade chili.
5. Getting bigger (hopefully in the stomach only!)
6. Halloween! Thanksgiving! Christmas!
7. Casey graduating...someday.
8. Moving in January.

1. The temperature dropping...slowly but surely.
2. Comfort food.
3. Windows open.
4. The warmth the holiday season brings.
5. Making my first trial Thanksgiving dinner.
6. Being able to walk the dogs in comfort.
7. Spending time with family for Halloween and Thanksgiving.
8. Changes in fashion

1. Casey Graduating.
2. Healthy Happy Ginger.
3. Moving into a home.
4. Not stressing over money. Does that ever happen?
5. Economy flourishing.
6. Frye Riding boots and a fake fur coat.
7. The election being OVER.
8. Traveling

1. Amber
2. Andrea
3. Corynn
4. Nicole
5. Ashely
Sorry couldn't come up with 8.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Boy or Girl?

Ginger 17 weeks (3)

Although you cant really see anything, I'm sure you can read...
No Pee Pee!
or, no penis, rather.

We are really loving the name GINGER.
I hesitated posting that on our blog
but what the heck.
If you hate the name, maybe it will grow on you.
If you love the name, fabulous.

I really love referring to her as Ginger.
In my case, it helped me bond with her more.
It just made this experience that much more REAL.
Of course, its real but it can feel surreal.
We give ourselves permission to change our mind on the name
if she pops out and it doesnt seem to 'fit' her.

So there you go. Big News for The Treeses.
A Baby Girl named Ginger.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Casey got a new skateboard this weekend. 
And I think he has been transported back to the days of his youth.
Last night he and Eric went for their first "skate sesh."
I have to use quotation marks because I dont feel cool enough to use their lingo.

Here's a video our talented friend Eric Cannon made.
I love the interview, with Casey using words like 'Hella'.
It's like they're freshman in college again. 
Which I completely understand what a great feeling that can be.

Friday, October 3, 2008


I used to hate weddings...
until I got married myself and could understand and appreciate the weight of that day.

Here are some pictures from our friends' Chantal and Dustin's Wedding.

I have been fortunate to be friends with these girls for over 15 years.
Yowza, were old.
We grew up playing soccer together.
They are beautiful, hilarious, fun and great people.
When your eleven you're more or less the same as your friends
but as you get older your differences are more and more apparent.
It's a great blessing when your friendships can stand the test of time.

Nikki, Rachel, Me, Seana

the girls 2

Sorry girls, but this is a better picture of me.

Casey and I were actually super sick this particular day.
Well I was sick...Casey was super sick.
There's evidence in the parking garage.
Every time we looked over at Casey
He looked like this:


Or this:


This is Seana's impression of Casey:


And here's a couple more just for fun...



And finally... The bride and groom

chantal and dustin