Monday, October 20, 2008



Beautiful Whitney tagged me so here we go:

Enjoy the randomness...

1. I HATE DRIVING... Vanity Fair asks a question on the Proust questionnaire: What's your greatest unnecessary extravagance? If we were rollin in the dough I can say for a fact my answer to that question would be: A DRIVER. I hate the traffic, I hate other drivers and I hate lights. One time Casey told me I was a good driver. Later he confessed he was just trying to get a kiss.

2. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE DOGS BUT THAT WASN'T ALWAYS THE CASE... until I met my dog Sammy. I was the person who would ask you to put your dogs in the backyard if I was over. The hair and the licking was way too much for me. But like I said I met Sammy and he made me a lover. Anyone who knows Sammy knows he is such a sweetheart. What is so incredible about that is that he was terribly abused. Imagine loving and trusting humans so much after your previous owners physically abused and neglected you. Amazing.

3. I HAVE A FOOD ISSUE... Casey thinks this is the weirdest thing about me. This is not a pregnancy issue by the way. For about a month I become obsessed with a certain food/drink. One month it was peanut m&m's and vitamin water, another month egg rolls and boba, another month Dr. Pepper and Reesees, another month Eggo cinnamin waffles and milk tea, for three months potato soup and diet coke, currently its chai and lemon poppyseed scones and seasoned fries from Tacone.

4. WHEN I WAS 23 I HIRED A PRIVATE DETECTIVE TO FIND MY BIOLOGICAL FATHER... when I finally recieved his phone number I called and got the answering machine... I said, "Hi Aubrey (pronounced O.B.) this is Alex (apparently what he called me) Moore, call me back if you want." It was such an awkward message!

5. MY GRANDMOTHER IS FULL APACHE INDIAN. Casey thinks that's were I get my sassyness and my passionate arguing skills from. Which is probably true. But in my defense, I haven't got worked up over anything in so dang long. I think that this miracle inside me puts things in perspective. This is a really good synopsis of the Apache tribe:

They moved freely, always following the sun and the food supply. They owned nothing and everything. They did as they pleased and bowed to no man. Their women were chaste. Their leaders kept their promises. They were mighty warriors who depended on success in raiding for wealth and honor. To their families they were kind and gentle, but they could be unbelievably cruel to their enemies--fierce and revengeful when they felt that they had been betrayed.

6. A GARGOYLE WATCHES OVER ME AS I SLEEP. When you lay in my spot of the bed and look out the window all you can see is this stone gargoyle with beady eyes and talons. The first few nights I was totally spooked out by this thing. Finally I told myself its there to protect me. Now I sleep soundly and would love to have a gargoyle on top of every house I have in the future.

7. ONE THING I CANT LIVE WITHOUT IS PEPPERMINT OIL. This is an amazing life changing discovery for me. I get headaches all the time. Peppermint oil is a natural remedy for headaches. You can get a bowl of ice water drop 5 drops of peppermint oil in there, drop washcloth in there, ring out and place on forehead, or drop 5 drops on a hot washcloth, put it in your corner of the shower and ta-dah peppermint steam bath. Or sometimes I just inhale it straight out of the bottle. It's magic, My headaches disappear quickly and reappear infrequently.

I tag...
Amber ( you have been double tagged by Whitney and me so sorry sister but you have to do it or the blogging police will come after you.)
Lindzi... because I have been loving your blog and really want to get some randomness from you.
Corynn Im serious about this Corynn, youre tagged.


Kristina P. said...

I have never used peppermint oil, but maybe I need to!

Nikki, Cody, and Tessa said...

I'll have to remember the peppermint oil when I get pregnant again...because tylenol never seems to work for a headache!

Nikki, Cody, and Tessa said...

p.s. Waiting to see the Rio Jesus pumpkin in full action on your blog.

Whitney R said...

What?! How did I miss this post? Sometimes the updater on my sidebar with all my friends names on it decides to not update. I should probably use Google Reader.. I hear that is more reliable. I'm glad you gave me a swift kick to come look!

First - I'm sorry it's taken me a week to love your comments. or give you comment love. or show you love or love you or whatever it is I'm doing ;)

Second - I really like the definition of your Indian heritage. Women were chaste - awesome!

Third - I want a dog. Your's is just a little guy, right? Well.. I want a massive huge Enlgish Mastiff but neither of us are home enough to give him enough attention/ train him. And they are expensive. And we live on a super busy road with a lot of semi traffic (scares me to death).

Fourth - Have you seen Alias? Cause the gargoyle thing reminded me of a few episodes where she has dreams about seeing a gargoyle outside of her bedroom window.

Fifth - I love the word sassy

Sixth - Peppermint oil?! Really?! I don't think you understand - or maybe you do? I get super bad headaches ALL the time. Especially when it's that time of the month and there is NOTHING that will get rid of them. On any other day I can take excedrin and it will take most of it away, but not the two days out of the month. I custom cut mint for some people when I lived home in Washington and I have quite a bit of pure mint oil from that. Although I asked for spearamint. Wonder if that will do it? I'm going to try it. I'm excited that something might work! Cause can't take excedrin once I'm pregnant (and I want to be pregnant, by the way :) Chiropractics are doing me some good, but not completely curing me. I need to find a cure!

I hope this was enough comment loving :D

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

Whitney: or should I say Woprah? That was some great lovin! So some chick talks to her gargoyle... I should try that, forget the journal. As for the headaches... I know your pain. I used to get them like 4 days a week. Try the peppermint oil, I was not being dramatic when I said this changed my life. :)

hello, my name is amber. said...

here's some COMMENT LOVE FOR YA!

peppermint oil is the only way i can get taylor to blow his nose. weird? yes. but it works. he just a big whiff of it out of my hand or the bottle and then he's able to blow his nose. good stuff.

i have decided that you and whitney need to come visit and stay at my house + have super sleepover-fest 2008. do it.

i've been to your blog a couple times, read this post, and SWORE i commented, but now i see that i didn't.

MEXICO? NO to mexico! canada will solve all your problems.

Rio Jesus pumpkin?

if you can't get a hold of peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil works for headaches as well. you can also put it on your temples.
your welcome.

the captcha word verification for this comment is sadmiess. i thought you'd like to know. in fact i've decided that i'm going to leave the captcha for you on every comment from now on.
again, your welcome. i know, i'm just full of help today.

i miss you. and i don't really think you understand how much.

is my comment longer than whitney's? not that it was my goal or anything. ;)

WHITNEY: i love you.

oh, and i hate driving too. but mostly because i'm currently driving illegally. what? i don't want to talk about it.

hello, my name is amber. said...

speaking of food issues, every time i think of beef ramen with loads of pepper in it i want to VOMIT.

and if i don't come to vegas soon for all you can eat sushi, i might die.

captcha: PINTESSE

hello, my name is amber. said...

by the way... are you ready for a new blog banner yet?

captcha: UNAHODUC

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

Amber Oh my gosh! Now when people look at my blog they see I have 9 comments and assume I'm moderately popular and if they decide not to click on it they wont know 3 are from you and 2 are mine.

Peppermint oil helps you blow your nose? That explains why mine is running ALL the time. It cures one problem and cause another...what do you know.

Whitney and I are already trying to synchronize a date. I may be able to squeeze in a four day Utah vacay! I'll call you with all the fabulous details.

What's with this Canada thing?

Casey is carving a pumpkin in the design of the Statue of Jesus in Rio De Janiero...did I totally spell that wrong? Anyway I wasn't surprised because he's always trying to get me to buy those 1.99 candles with the Virgin Mary on it at the supermarket. I hope he finishes the pumpkin before it gets moldy.

I hate word verification.

AND... I love the crap out of you and Im happy we decide to leave these public love letters to each other instead of emails.

Life as Ashley said...

I'm with Whitney. My blogroll totally missed that you had updated. I think this is by far the best answers to this tag I have ever seen. Yours were so "different" from everyone elses (I would use the word random - but I don't know if that would be offensive or not-totally don't mean it in an offesive way). They were so real and so interesting, and not generic like everyone else's. :) Oh, and I love reading yours, Amber's, and Whitney's love fest. It's like another blog all on it's own. :)

And to Amber: My word verification is eating--how did I get the easy one? :)

hello, my name is amber. said...

HA. now you have TEN.

email is so... PRIVATE, and privacy is highly overrated.

peppermint + eucalyptus oil is great for clearing congestion, which explains why it would get rid of a headache because your ears, nose + throat are all somewhat connected to your sinuses and you're probably having sinus headaches.

i may or may not have just made that up.

can't wait to see a picture of this Jesus pumpkin. he's probably going straight to heaven for carving it. LUCKY.

if you hate word verification so much then you should take it off your blog. this time around: READOGR

and i'm so glad to hear that casey's been wanting one of those candles! that's EXACTLY what i'm getting you for christmas.

love you more.

hello, my name is amber. said...

WHITNEY: come back! it's like a chat room in Ali's comments!

captcha: YAKTOM

Whitney R said...

Oh I feel so left out! I go away to study and take a really stupid test that made me cry when I got a really bad grade and SEE WHAT I AM MISSING?!

All this talk about blowing noses and sushi (I haven't had a whole lot of it... I'm a bit scared) is so nice compared to Kinesiology that makes me want to actually eat raw fish eggs.

I think the sleep over sounds GREAT! But where will I sleep? I'm also visiting my friend Victoria who I actually haven't met in person yet - and she said I could sleep in her son's crib. What you got, Amber??

This Word verification is FLARITE. Like fart? Like flar ite? Like fart light? Can a fart be light? Is that possible? Hmm.. maybe I'll do some research.

I wish I had the internet on my phone. Stupid non internet phone.

Amber I'm so happy I sort of learned how to correctly poke an Iphone to get it to do what you want. It was hard.

Alexis, FOUR DAYS! I'm planning on it, too. The weekend of November 21??? the weekend before thanksgiving?! PLEASE tell me it's SO. Because I don't have SKEWEL that monday so I can stay!

My eyes are all squinty because I'm tired.

Is this some longer lovin than Ambers??

Oh.. I mean.. whose counting? Not me

And ASHLEY said my tag wasn't as cool as YOURS!!

Figures. I didn't talk about peppermint oil and driving. Oh wait... I did talk about driving.

Here's an interesting fact: I want to quit school and stay home and make these stars I find oddly theraputic. I asked Jaren about it today and he said maybe we should wait till you get your Bachelors to see if this business will fail.

What faith.


Whitney R said...


who bids? On what? Sa? South Atlanta? South Armando? Seoul Antartica? Seth Armonidanasomanidas BIDS on what? Bids on cookies? Cookies that will make me FAT. Because I had brownie batter AND brownies this weekend... AND cupcakes! OH NO! It was my sisters birthday... she made me do it.


Alexis and Casey Treese said...

Whitney and Amber... I dont think November will work...but Ill look into it. But I am pretty sure that first weekend in December will work. Ashley you should come too. AMber the three of us can sleep in Taylors bed. I mean we are like besties. Whitney...make stars, what??

I finished our Rio Jesus pumpkin, It should make its blog debut tomorrow.

This is proof that you dont need a lot of friends just a few awesome ones. Awww sentimental. Gimme a break Im pregnant and my hormones run my life. BURIES: word verification.

Whitney R said...

The first weekend in December sounds good. I have a wedding to go to Saturday afternoon. I wish I could stay till Monday but that next week is the start of finals week. Blah.

TEMORT - Hmmm.. if you flip it, it's TROMET. That sounds better. Sounds like something you'd call someone if you were mad at them. "YOU ARE SUCH A TROMET! A FILTHY LITTLE TROMET!"

Life as Ashley said...

What?!? Did I get an invite to this super awesome sleepover?!? I'm soooo there! You guys name it, I can do it (cause I'm lame like that, and no longer have the superstress of moving in my life anymore).

Whitney....if you stayed through Monday, we could totally help you study for finals. You'd probably ace them without even having to stress about it. Think about it. Oh, and I didn't think your tag was lame. I just thought Alexis's (is that correct or is it Alexis'?) taught me about a few different sides of her I'd never read about before. Sheesh! Didn't mean to offend you! At least you get tagged (oh...woe is me....) :) Yeah, and what do you mean about the stars? *Confused* but *Intrigued*

Since I was so lippy about my easy word verification last time, it gave me dabloran. Sounds like something from Harry Potter.

Life as Ashley said...

Ha, ha! Just had to post again to say the next one was slywe. Fun to say (and another thing I could picture in Harry Potter--seriously, try saying it in an English accent).

Whitney R said...

I'll think about staying till Monday... I'll have to see what is going on in my classes and if it's possible to miss. And if I have any tests.
But really, my goal is just to PASS my classes so I can graduate and continue on with my dream of making Stars. You guys will just have to wait till I make a post about them! Hah... got ya intregued, huh?? (I promise it's not that amazing... just fun to do)

PECTIG. When looking at this I thought of the Pectoralis muscles becuase I just took a test where I had to memorize the origin and insertion and actions and nerve innervations for all three. But if I were to take myself out of school for just a second I'd say PECTIG is just a new way to say pig in a new language. LIke with pig latin. Never knew how that worked, by the way. But you could say something like, "I lectove the pectig's dectirty fecteet"

Whitney R said...

Oh, and Ashley suggested I start a blog about word verifications.. Maybe I should. And anyone who wanted to join could. And could add their funny word verification ideas.

Hmmm.... thinkin about it.

AUCOYMAT. A cute coy mat? Mat is cute and coy?! I bet none of you knew that I wanted to marry a boy named Matthew in high school. All through high school and into college. Then I met Jaren. And I was dating him when Matt came home off his mission and when I saw him - I didn't want to marry him anymore. Jaren probably did some voodoo magic.

hello, my name is amber. said...

what the freak.
where have i been during all of this blog lovin' madness?!

PALASHI: first thing i thought of was kim kardashian. whatever.

whitney, definitely start that blog! and make me an author too.

Life as Ashley said...

oooh! I want to help with the blog too. Would we just leave our own comments and comment on the word verification? Got to think this one through....I always loved the game Balderdash. Maybe because I was pretty good at coming up with B.S. definitions of random words, but still making it sound like Webster wrote it.

word verfication: moolo - a west african tribe known for their cattle-raising abilities. Their work subsidizes 45% of Africa's dairy products. (Not my best work, but I'm at work and had to think on the fly). Crap, co-worker trying to read this. Got to go.