Thursday, October 9, 2008

Inside Information- I've been tagged...


1. Scrubs (I feel like JD, Turk, Carla and Elliott are my family)
2. The Rachel Zoe Project- Love this show!
3. Gossip Girl
4. America's Next Top Model...although I vote Tyra as my most hated person on tv, along with Spencer.
5. Ellen
6. The Hills
7. Sex and the City (even though I've seen every episode...I know, I'm going to hell)
8. Jon and Kate +8- If they can do it with 8 I can do it with 1.

8 FAVORITE RESTAURANTS. oooooh I love this part.
1. Fragrance of Saigon ...whole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant.
2. I Love Sushi
3. Smith's and Wollensky's (but I cant afford it so I dream)
4. Chronic Tacos
5. Cafe Rio ( I feel so unoriginal saying this but that pork Mmmmm)
6. Pin Kaow
7. Yardhouse
8. Red Robin...for the fries.

1. I forced myself to eat a big breakfast of eggs, toast and potatoes so I wouldn't have dizzy spells at work.
2. Went to work.
3. Gossiped with my co-worker.
4. Went to the pool after work and layed out with my neighbor Sheila who lives in Chicago but has a condo in Manhattan (in Las Vegas) where we live... so I only see her every other week or so.
5. Listened to her advice about raising Ginger. (everyone has advice, but I welcome it) she made strong suggestions I maintain a "life". Word.
6. Signed up and look for friends on facebook. Then regreted it. Then un-regreted it. Now Im still deciding.
7. Received a call from a friend Lauren that I haven't seen in forever. She happened to be in Manhattan and I went over to the condo where she was at and surprised her with my new belly.
8. Lauren forced me to sit on the couch, got me a blanket, a glass of ice water and gave me an hour long foot rub while we giggled over silly things. I was really grateful for this. I needed it.

1. Ginger!
2. Visiting our friends in California next week. I know we'll have a great time with them!
3. Visiting our friends in Utah Soon!
4. carving pumpkins and eating homemade chili.
5. Getting bigger (hopefully in the stomach only!)
6. Halloween! Thanksgiving! Christmas!
7. Casey graduating...someday.
8. Moving in January.

1. The temperature dropping...slowly but surely.
2. Comfort food.
3. Windows open.
4. The warmth the holiday season brings.
5. Making my first trial Thanksgiving dinner.
6. Being able to walk the dogs in comfort.
7. Spending time with family for Halloween and Thanksgiving.
8. Changes in fashion

1. Casey Graduating.
2. Healthy Happy Ginger.
3. Moving into a home.
4. Not stressing over money. Does that ever happen?
5. Economy flourishing.
6. Frye Riding boots and a fake fur coat.
7. The election being OVER.
8. Traveling

1. Amber
2. Andrea
3. Corynn
4. Nicole
5. Ashely
Sorry couldn't come up with 8.


Kristina P. said...

OK, what is up with Rachel Zoe's face? Seriously, her chin looks like it's melting off. I would highly recommend plastic surgery to fix that.

Daniel & Aubri said...

I'm so in love with the name Ginger! Anyways, I love reading about you- you crack me up! I still think you'd have awesome quirks, too!

The Swan's said...

I love this post and the name ginger is growing on me love it! its totally cute and fits with you and casey.

Ps:email me your number again iam a retard and deleted everything in my email..yea i know i'm smart so ia wont brag about it anymore! lol anyways sushi mmmmm....

Aaron & Lindzi said...

Ha Ha I think almost all of those shows are my top 8 too! I LOVE Jon and Kate +8 and Aaron thinks I am crazy. But he watches it with me anyway to be nice. I totally relate to your entire post... which is kinda wierd. Except for the whole being pregnant thing. Maybe someday. Tell Casey we got our first snow up here this weekend! I will post those pics soon. And also tell him Aaron is buying a snowboard. I am not sure why - since he has brand new skis. But if you guys come visit this year I am sure we can round up some passes. When are you due exactly? March?

Ashley said...

THanks for the halfsie of hot coco! :) Im actually feeling 100% better today! Thank goodness!!

I'm working on your tag! :) It's kind of a hard one... 8 things...thats alot!

Love ya!

hello, my name is amber. said...

oh my gosh i have something for you. i need your address ASAP. thank you + good night.

hello, my name is amber. said...

thanks for the therapy session! how much do i owe you! :)

Life as Ashley said...

Came to see if there was anything I had missed on your blog, and noticed today you are officially half way! Yeah! Congrats! I'd like to say that the last half goes quicker but....

Whitney R said...

I really like watching Ellen, too. She makes me LOL.

Too bad you didn't come to Utah THIS (last)weekend!! The mini meet and greet dinner was a lot of fun and I got to meet Kristina and Amber. Both of which are awesome.

I think I'm going to try to convince Amber to move to Rexburg so we can be real life friends.

You should come too :)