Tuesday, January 29, 2013

LucyLark presents...

I always wanted to be in a music video. 

And I dont mean like an Icona Pop or Killers video...
although, that would be amazing.
I just wanted to be dancing with my girlfriends, with a fun song, wearing beautiful clothes.
Well... Cross it off my bucket list, 
Friends, Please watch my dear friend Lindsey Sommer's new promotional film and check out her dresses! LucyLark.com

A short birth story of the video...
A couple months ago, my friend Lindsey told me she wanted to make a dress line, 
And I took her seriously because four or so years ago she told me she wanted to 
go to law school and.... well...
She's an attorney.

So the next thing you know were on the phone talking about making a music video

to promote the dresses.
We had so much fun talking about the concept. 
Sort of the perfect prom...
which in this case, meant no prom, no boys, just your girlfriends.
Linds picked out the dopest venue to shoot at and found the perfect song.
I have always had this idea of dancing free around a bonfire with my girlfriends. 
With all that carefree, to hell with it attitude,
I was really feeling Lana Del Rey's latest video for "Ride"
where she and her misfit friends are hanging around a bonfire and
(dont judge) the last scene of Waiting to Exhale, when the four women come 
together and celebrate the New Year by the lake, sans men. Just them.

Fast-forward a few weeks later I was trying on these beautiful, fun dresses

that Lindsey designed and made.
I was totally blown away.
She is a force.
And she totally inspires me .


The fact that we were able to do the bonfire made my life.

The only problem is now Im addicted.

So its crossed off my bucket list but I added

Number 76. Make more music videos.

Again, you guys... check out Lindsey's dress line at LucyLark.com

I was wearing the short blue dress, and I LOVED it!
It was so comfortable and 
I felt that magical combination of
Feeling Pretty Without the Illusion that you are Trying Too Hard.



Sunday, January 20, 2013

Urban Dictionary is always right

Have you ever looked up your name in urban Dictionary?
I just did and whoa.
you guys, it is crazy.
Urban Dictionary like really knows me.

Urban Dictionary, Please define Alexis...
(just go ahead and skim through it,
my favorite part is at the bottom
it's the conversation I have with myself every morning)

What does Urban Dictionary say about alexis?

If you’re like me this name sends a tingle down your spine... Alexis's are the most beautiful girls in the world and their personalities are just as beautiful. You will fall in LOVE with her so fast and quickly realize it’s a connection like no other. She will put a smile on your face even on the worst days. They are kind, caring, sweet, compassionate, ravishing, breath taking, astonishing, funny, amazing and honestly perfect... you will think they came from heaven. She is an amazing artist and photographer. She will finish your sentences which is so god damn cute. She will always be there for you when you need someone.  
Alexis: You're Perfect
Me: Believe me the perfect part of me is you

This one Im just going to copy and paste in the "about me" section:
A girl who's louder than a bull horn! She's hotter than jalepenos! She's always smiling and laughing! She loves music and dirty jokes! She's caring and the friend who can make you laugh when your in utter despair! She's the girl you know is going places!( She hates whores)
Alexis: You know I make it rain on my bitches!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This is my jam.

Listen up. This is OH. SO. GOOD. 
So good, I'll stand the possibility of embarrassment by labeling it, "my jam".

Unknown Mortal Orchestra 

"So Good at Being in Trouble"

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ginger and Elmo's friendship back in the day,

This was a post from December 28th, 2009.

Three years, 9 days ago. 
Its one of my most favorites.







Well Ginger, Elmo was just being honest.

Today I read this...

Happy for this moment

In THIS moment...
the house is quiet.
Ginger is napping.
music is playing quietly.
I can smell my lilies Casey bought me.
I'm in my pj's
on the couch with Moses
playing on my computer,
instead of cleaning my house.
drinking tea with milk.
And I just spent a half hour
of my life
putting words into
my 10 month old daughter
and Elmo's mouth's.
Can you say huge nerd?

So in this moment I am happy.
and what I'll take from that
I have a happy life.