Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So I found this picture today and
couldnt stop laughing. We took it so long ago
I didnt realize it existed. I'm going to get in trouble
for posting it but I just have to.

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If you wanna change your life in a Heartbeat get some old- school Madonna

I know this is very difficult to picture but occasionally I can be viewed as either a nerd or just plain unfunny. I know, stay with me on this... So what typically happens is this impulsiveness takes over. Somebody says something and then I, without PAUSE (this is a key phrase), will return the volley and say something back and many times after the crash and burn I think to myself... yikes or How can anyone think that wasnt funny? OR Did that just come out of my mouth? I watched a video from Perez that will change my life forever. (oh beware, F bomb at 2.30)
Do you know how many home made music videos circa "late eighties early nineties" I have? Tons and half of them are me singing to Madonna although Ace of Base was a good choice too. Okay, point is Juliette Lewis is a bit of a nerd. I guess this isnt new (she wore "gangsta braids" to the oscars) but it's just manifested in this video. It seems like I have a bit of Lewisness within me and I can go back to embracing it. High-Five!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Not quite up to posting pics yet from this weekend, there are a million to choose from and not enough time to tell all the great stories so here's a quick bit of randomness from the weekend... Chilled at Big Bear with the in laws for the fourth. Had great laughs playing Apples to Apples. I even hiked which is an extremely rare occasion. It was more of a nature walk but Ill call it a hike. Always round up. Casey slept as he did many times since being on "vacation" . The kids kept me laughing and in love with their unintentional hilariousness. It's funny how many times they can "'All fall down," and still want more.
Now Casey and I are in Orange County with Casey's BFF Johnny, they're having a brodeo sesh talking about the hotness of Marisa Miller, whom I have personally had a crush on for years and Casey is pretending he has never seen before. Johnny's wife- Marsha's in Vegas (wish she was here). Pure Saccharine Sweet. But dont worry Marsha, Casey is already talking about our next visit, PS - if youre out there I'm lovin the decor of your new place. (shes got skills in the home decorating department). I'm still having fun hanging with the boys, it seems as if after an hour- they forgot chromosomely speaking I'm XX, so now I'm just one of them and they've stopped editing themselves. But I cant stop laughing so I'm fine with that. I'm also pretty happy we've moved on from the Lil Wayne video to a Tru TV Dominick Dunne show, which morbidly intrests me every single case. The bomb Mexi food we just had (place called Jalepenos) is still on my mind. Johnny just took us on a tour to try to convince us to move- have to admit- not a hardsell. But the odds are in CA's favor seeing as how we are sort of Vegas hating right now which I thought I'd never do, perhaps it's the 115 degree days- just a thought. Okay pictures and great stories later...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


5 simple rules for happiness:
1. Free your heart from hard feelings- Forgive
2. Free your mind from worries and guilt.
3. Live Simply
4. Give More
5. Gid rid of expectations.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

He Thought I Was DINNER But I Was The SHARK...

WARNING: CHEESY POST P.S. I changed the title slightly but I'll give you a dollar if you know who sings that song with that line in it. Update, I (in usual alexis fashion screwed up a lyric of one of my favorite songs...this is the right one, so now I'll give you 2 dollars)

As I said a thousand times, I first saw Casey in a series of photos and I HAD to meet him. These are a few of the pictures that made me fall in love with Casey and I can honestly say looking at them I felt something, maybe infatuation but I'm a romantic and I'd like to think it was something more significant, like deep down I knew I was looking at my future husband.

It's Only Rock and Roll But I Like It... well most.

We got tickets for the Styx/Boston concert and Casey was pretty excited, personally I love live music but only when I know the lyrics. Not to mention it was one more reason we couldn't go camping with Ashley and her beau which I wanted to go to SO BAD!! (ps Ash there was no way anyhow bc Casey had to work). Anyway, I told Casey to name one song either of them sing (no offense to the fans out there) his response was uhhhhh. But it turns out we did know one song by styx- "Come Sail Away" and it was so so good. I forgot how much I love and appreciate "real" bands for their amazing talent. The bass, the drums, the keyboards, their vocals, even the tamborine haha; the collaboration of all of them to create this incredible performance. Nod to Rolling Stones for helping me appreciate Rock and Roll. One of the best parts, all the fans. Man some people cannot let go of the gayties (Casey's word, not mine). I wonder how hairspray sales compare to other decades.

Overall, it was a fun song, I mean night.