Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Romantic Proposition

Yesterday, via twitter my romantic husband sent me this picture...

from casey

along with this question...

@alexistreese... you down?

TMI... I know of no such thing.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh, the drama

The other day Ginger threw down such
a performance.
Seriously, it's worthy of an Oscar.

Don't judge me for picking up my camera
instead of picking up my baby.

The beginning...


Uh-oh... Something went terribly wrong.


A travesty with the doughnut she was eating perhaps.


And here we go...
A Meltdown
so terrific I want to put these pictures above the fireplace.



I mean, seriously.



And... she's over it.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Project 365

Project 365 is basically a blog in which
I am ideally
supposed to post a picture every day for 365 days.

Also, ideally I should have started this January 1st.
But that would make too much sense.
And Procrastination is my middle name.
So here we go...
It's a work in process.
If you'd like... you can click
to check out Day 1.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Weekend

Was incredibly ordinary.
but well documented...

And I am going to annoy the crap out of you
because Photoshop is my new friend.
So all of these pictures are skewed in one way or another...

First let me show you what Casey did 75% of the weekend.


Oh my gosh! I was coming out of my skin.
First of all I hate naps as it is...
But I wouldn't even consider what Casey was doing "Napping".
It was more like a self-induced coma.
All. Weekend. Long.
Yes Casey, I love you but I'm calling you out.

I don't usually cook dinner on the weekends.
When I grew up, We'd ask mom what was for dinner and she'd
say, "Fend for yourselves."

So Peggy close your eyes because this is what your son fends...

food Comic

Vegas had rain all weekend which I'm grateful for because when I saw all
your snowstorm pictures- I kissed my cheap tires
and thanked my lucky stars it doesn't matter one bit that we do not own a shovel.

Behold, Raindrops outside our window.
IMG_3376 cross processed

And what do you do on a rainy day...
besides lie comatose?


Don't judge me.
It has to get worse before it gets better, right?

Of course Sunday we did the super bowl thing.
Seriously? 5 hours?
I'm super competitive but I feel like after 2 hours
of playing or watching the same game- I'd be like
I dont care.
I just want to read US weekly and watch Keeping up with the Kardashians.
But the afternoon was not lost because I got to hold this
little ray of sunshine


Clive Roderick Treese

Beautiful. Angelic. Heavenly.
I couldn't hold him too long because I was seriously
thinking about how to convince Casey to donate his sperm.
Sorry, it's true.

Oh my goodness Clive!
I'll love you forever!

Ahhhhh! Let's move on to skateboarding
so I can get my mind off newborns.

copy 2

How cute is Tyler on a skateboard?!
Tyler was once a newborn baby.
I want a...


I love that I caught a smile he was skating.


Casey liked this picture of him...
but it was hard to edit.
Clark was standing on the ramp so I cloned the sky over him.
Sorry Clark.
And I had my 50mm so it was kind of a struggle to focus.
See his ghoslty left arm?
Oh well.


More Casey.
I had to document that he was awake for at least a few hours this weekend.

But this is the money shot...


Can you say BOOTAY!

And what's a post without this munchkin...


Soon she'll understand why her food just seems to disappear.

That was our weekend.
I was grumpy, irritable, restless but there were some lovely moments
hidden in there.
C'est La Vie, right?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Nic Ara Gua

I have to break words up like that... so I know how to spell them.

What are the rules when making New Years resolutions?
There are none, right?
So it's perfectly acceptable for one of our resolutions to be...
Take a REAL vacation

Well, I just got this email from Casey.
One place he's thinking about is
He sent me this picture...
and suddenly, Im not surprised at all.


The hotel he wants to stay at is a treehouse.
Why are all boys obsessed with treehouses?
It makes me think of the Sandlot and that cute chubby kid

I'll have to look into Nicaragua.
Because at first glance I'm thinking...
maybe not.
Have any of you ever been?
Or do you have some suggestions of beautiful vacation spots.
Prerequisite... Must Have Beach.

Happy weekend.

Monday, February 1, 2010


I got a 50 mm lens for my birthday.
I don't pretend to know anything about photography
But I do know this.
My DSLR could possibly cure cancer
that's how fabulous it is.

This all stems from babies.
Truly. If this was a perfect world,
We'd go in for an ultrasound and the doctor would say...
Would you like to know what you're having?
Oh, Yes please.
It's a girl! and wait... I see something else...
Yes! Let's try and get a better look... Oh yes... this is incredible...
You're also having a.... a.... A CANON T1i DSLR!!
So that's why my heartburn's been so gnarly!

Babies should come with instructions, bags of money and a dope camera.
I know. I took the words right out of your mouth.
Anyway. I asked for a 50 mm because...
And by research... I mean, I typed best camera lenses in my google bar.

Turns out... It was a super choice.
This lens is SO fun and serves it's purpose well.
Personally (now remember I know NOTHING about what I'm talking about)
I love being able to put my camera in manual and try to get as focused
as I can on my subject and have everything else incredibly blurry.
It feels like the picture is screaming at me.
That made sense in my head.
The 50mm helps me achieve the "screaming affect"
Of course I could have bought a macro lens but
it would have cost me about 10 times more.
Just not to that level of devotion yet.
The biggest problem is
things look perfectly focused in that teeny tiny window
and yet, sadly...
focus no bueno.

Oh well.
Here's some pictures taken with the 50...


moses ball

Moses, my love.
My Sweet Co-dependent Love.

AND... BEHOLD! The baby who came MINUS the instructions, bags of money and camera.
But I kept her anyway.

ginger 1210





You may not eat my baby.
But trust me, I completely understand the temptation.

Now I'm going to show you why it SUCKS to have your camera on manual
when you are a beginner.


Man, I am dumb!
Why is my focus on Ginger Ginger and not Mirror Ginger?


Alright. a mistake so nice I did it twice.
Im awesome.

Um excuse me while I go drink a gallon of bleach in an effort to PUNISH MYSELF.
Seriously... I swear I thought it was in focus.
I probably was shaking from the excitement of the photo opp.

In all honesty, I have hundreds more like that.
I'll spare you.