Friday, February 5, 2010

Nic Ara Gua

I have to break words up like that... so I know how to spell them.

What are the rules when making New Years resolutions?
There are none, right?
So it's perfectly acceptable for one of our resolutions to be...
Take a REAL vacation

Well, I just got this email from Casey.
One place he's thinking about is
He sent me this picture...
and suddenly, Im not surprised at all.


The hotel he wants to stay at is a treehouse.
Why are all boys obsessed with treehouses?
It makes me think of the Sandlot and that cute chubby kid

I'll have to look into Nicaragua.
Because at first glance I'm thinking...
maybe not.
Have any of you ever been?
Or do you have some suggestions of beautiful vacation spots.
Prerequisite... Must Have Beach.

Happy weekend.


Victoria Elder said...

i've heard costa rica is amazing, fiji sounds good to me too! those are my to do list!

Alexis Treese said...

Oh my gosh Victoria... I thought about FIJI too! I looked up airline tickets yesterday... Ummm a little much.

The Swan's said...

looks beautiful though! some tree houses are nice ;)

Alyssa/LayneHelen said...

Hi. I'm a friend of Andrea Robertsons and I saw your blog off of her blog. We worked together in NYC I am a stay at home mom w a 1 year old. Your blog makes me laugh. Mommyhood is crazy right?! Anyway...I've been to Costa Rica in March and it was ammmaaaazing. I can give you all the details if you want. My husband surfed, I got TAN. We ate good food and saw amazing animals etc. It was still one of my fave trips and Nicaragua seems a little scary no? Yikes!