Monday, February 8, 2010

The Weekend

Was incredibly ordinary.
but well documented...

And I am going to annoy the crap out of you
because Photoshop is my new friend.
So all of these pictures are skewed in one way or another...

First let me show you what Casey did 75% of the weekend.


Oh my gosh! I was coming out of my skin.
First of all I hate naps as it is...
But I wouldn't even consider what Casey was doing "Napping".
It was more like a self-induced coma.
All. Weekend. Long.
Yes Casey, I love you but I'm calling you out.

I don't usually cook dinner on the weekends.
When I grew up, We'd ask mom what was for dinner and she'd
say, "Fend for yourselves."

So Peggy close your eyes because this is what your son fends...

food Comic

Vegas had rain all weekend which I'm grateful for because when I saw all
your snowstorm pictures- I kissed my cheap tires
and thanked my lucky stars it doesn't matter one bit that we do not own a shovel.

Behold, Raindrops outside our window.
IMG_3376 cross processed

And what do you do on a rainy day...
besides lie comatose?


Don't judge me.
It has to get worse before it gets better, right?

Of course Sunday we did the super bowl thing.
Seriously? 5 hours?
I'm super competitive but I feel like after 2 hours
of playing or watching the same game- I'd be like
I dont care.
I just want to read US weekly and watch Keeping up with the Kardashians.
But the afternoon was not lost because I got to hold this
little ray of sunshine


Clive Roderick Treese

Beautiful. Angelic. Heavenly.
I couldn't hold him too long because I was seriously
thinking about how to convince Casey to donate his sperm.
Sorry, it's true.

Oh my goodness Clive!
I'll love you forever!

Ahhhhh! Let's move on to skateboarding
so I can get my mind off newborns.

copy 2

How cute is Tyler on a skateboard?!
Tyler was once a newborn baby.
I want a...


I love that I caught a smile he was skating.


Casey liked this picture of him...
but it was hard to edit.
Clark was standing on the ramp so I cloned the sky over him.
Sorry Clark.
And I had my 50mm so it was kind of a struggle to focus.
See his ghoslty left arm?
Oh well.


More Casey.
I had to document that he was awake for at least a few hours this weekend.

But this is the money shot...


Can you say BOOTAY!

And what's a post without this munchkin...


Soon she'll understand why her food just seems to disappear.

That was our weekend.
I was grumpy, irritable, restless but there were some lovely moments
hidden in there.
C'est La Vie, right?


Life as Ashley said...

And our parallel lives continue...

Weekend: Ordinary

Jeff: Sleeping or Playing Xbox

Me: Pissed at Jeff for the above, then just did my own thing: Organizing (my one true love).

Superbowl: Meh.

Fend for yourself comment: Totally my life as a child.

Your pictures are great! I want a 50mm lens. For now I'll live vicariously through yours. :)

Lindzie said...

Are you referring to my snow pictures?? Allie - we are supposed to get even more this week..snow that is! Wish us luck!

Treese Family said...

Love the picture of Tyler. Please email me a copy. I think your getting really good at using your camera.
Your pictures look awesome.

The Bells said...

Yes your pics (and photoshopping skills) keep making me more and more jealous! I am with you on the sleeping thing. I HATE naps, well unless it's Isla taking them. But luckily Aaron hates naps too.
Clive is such a sweetie! I love that you want another newborn when you hold one, cuz then I know I am not crazy when I do the same thing. I would have another the second Aaron says GO. hahaha.
And yay for rainy days! I love rainy or snowy days. We are getting NOTHING up here though. It's been a scary dry winter.

Daniel & Aubri said...

Sounds like my weekend. Next time our husbands decide to sleep away the weekend, I say we seriously go out and do something fun without them! Your pictures look amazing!! Seriously. Love them. And i love that you're updating a lot, cause your posts always crack me up!

andrea. said...

i feel like i spent the weekend with you. i love all the pictures, your camera is great! and i love casey's food choices...looks like something i would eat!