Friday, August 22, 2008

Spencer and Heidi

This post is dedicated to Amber...

Who's biggest fear is that Speidi will take over the world.

This is also in honor of The Hills premier this week
And all of a sudden Life Makes Sense again.
Lo still had her panties in a bundle.
Spencer was there in all his Doucheness Glory.
Hiedi was fakey fake fake.
New character! Hold the Phone!
Oh wait it's Heidi's super lame and equally fake sister.
With her eye on the Hollywood Prize.
Audrina was feeling Sad and Left Out and Totally Emo.
Whitney was Boring.
And Lauren is trying to Land herself a Man!
It is ultra satisfying to have all these trainwrecks back in my life.

speidi at the pumpkin patch

Big big pumpkin!
As big as Spencer's head.

And The Next Bachlorette Is...
the next bachelor

Yuck. There I said it.
I mean, I want a husband not a wife.
The great thing is that his son will be all up in the show.
Nothing like using a four year old to boost ratings.
But I am sure all you Jesse Haters will LOOOOVE this.

And Casey has already started his Christmas list.
Yep, 4 months early.
Here's whats on it...
A remote control car.
That's it.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Some of you might have noticed the "and a baby" on our new and oh so cool banner.
And Yes, "and a baby" means...
We got a brand new baby chihuahua!
No not really.
I'm pregnant!
12 weeks along, which hopefully means I'll be able to keep down my nutritious Wendy's 5 piece chicken nuggets in the near future.
Not that I have full blown Morning Sickness
in case you're curious.

I am trying to read What to Expect When Your'e Expecting,
but let's be frank; Breaking Dawn and Water for Elephants is much more interesting.
Still, I needed answers about how the whole labor thing works- that's what really scares me...
Thankfully I found this:
What to Expect When Youre Expecting just doesn't have these graphics.
And... in case you are wondering what would help me celebrate this very special news
Perhaps you could bake me one of these:

prego cakes

I stole the cake pictures from a blog I was stalking because I'm unoriginal like that.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

smiths date

The Good Stuff

Went to Smith and Wollensky's last night.
A nice break from McDonald's Dollar Menu.
No disrespect to Double Cheeseburgers.
Best steak Ive ever had.
Filet Mignon, crab meat, asparagus and bearnaise sauce.
With truffled macaroni and cheese for extra measure, oh and calories.
Casey and I decided you could shave truffles over anything.
Even Lucky Charms.
Casey in his best english accent... "this steak cost more than a freakin fortnight."
Good thing we had gift cards; Thanks Dad.

My lilies make me smile 20 times a day.
Sometimes I'll just sit on the counter and inhale them.
I'm just going to say it...
Most Perfect Flower. Perfect color. Perfect Smell.
I'm grateful Casey understands my obsession.

I got the new W in the mail yesterday.
I learned Bright, Tiny bags make a big statement.
Bold Jewelry... still in.
Gold...In again, at least for this month.
Charms...Still in.
And Violet is this season's prettiest palette.
Whew! Aren't we all the wiser.
I know everyone lives and dies by W.

I spent an hour on this blog today.
The Martha Blog

Monday, August 18, 2008

fruit stand

Santa Barbara, California
We have been feeling that Summertime need to get out of Vegas.
We packed up and headed to Ventura and Santa Barbara.
The Temperature was 74 degrees.
The Strawberries tasted like Candy.
And we even played soccer with Beckham and Ronaldinho.
Check out Casey's slide tackle.

alexis and casey ronaldho and Becks
skating and walking Geronimo
sb beach 2

This is part one of this post... All the creative credit goes to my talented friend Amber... the most talented blogger in all the land. I even copied the color of her text.
Apologies go to my mom for the two piece.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why you being so messed up China?

If you watched the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics you saw the girl on the left sing. Apparently, she was lip syncing. It was the girl on the right's voice.

A Chinese official said, "The main consideration was the national interest. The child on the screen should be flawless in image, in her internal feelings, and in her expression."

Basically the girl on the right is prettier than the girl on the left. Even the government is superficial. Like I said, Messed Up.

Courtesy of the gossip gangsta.

Will somebody please tell Casey that this couch literally looks like a pile of poop.
Sometimes I think I know what my husband likes...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Saturdays are for Swimming.

And Sliding.

And Jumping.

And eating frozen yogurt
covered with Sprinkle

Friday, August 8, 2008

Since all of our family are "So You Think You Can Dance" fans, we gathered at my in-law's home to watch the finale.

We enjoyed chili dogs, amazing desserts from Amber and Nikki, and Clay and Cody's crazy knowledge of all the details pertaining to Courtney the show.

We also especially enjoyed my nephew Tyler, who was quite the comedian last night. He tried to
cook his underwear for a poopy soup and sang while he did it. I guess all that activity wore him out. He crashed. Kids... They can sleep anywhere. In any position.

Monday, August 4, 2008

This is what you shall do: Love the Earth and Sun and Animals, Despise Riches...Stand up for the Stupid and Crazy... And Your Very Flesh Shall Be A Great Poem...
Happy Fourth of August.
To celebrate I thought I'd show
pictures from
our Fourth of July,
Big Bear Trip with the rest of the


The adorable cabin we stayed in.

Wow, a squirrel! Pretty
fascinating for us city


Nikki shows us her strength while
playing with a cute little monkey

My favorite picture of the weekend.

My niece Tessa loved that she could
see herself
in the camera, so this
is how the picture we took

of ourselves turned out. Love it.

Checking out the one-armed bears
at the zoo.

Next Treese Trip... Idaho State Fair...Coming Soon

And then... It was off to the Beach.

On the Road again... Pay no attention
to my neck.

Casey taking a picture of himself.

Casey + Johnny = Besties.

Checking out the skate park.

I'd really like to know what he's thinking.

Showing off my favorite tacos in the whole world-
Chronic Tacos Mmmmmmm

The End.

Friday, August 1, 2008

i. am. me. [ tag, you're it. ]

i am: excited for the future.
i think: too far into things. But Im working on it.
i know: a little relaxation goes a long way.
i want: sushi, a good book and 75 degree weather. At the same time please.
i have: a great husband who is kind and funny.
i wish: everyone I loved lived in Las Vegas.
i dislike: laundry. no, I hate it. and the news, it's scary and depressing.
i miss: my college friends.
i fear: criminals in the middle of the night.
i feel: calm and content.
i hear: country music every time I get in my car. It's a country kind of summer.
i smell: everything. it's terrible.
i crave: sushi, truffle french fries, lots of fresh, sweet fruit.
i usually: want to be around other people and not by myself.
i search: for my next favorite book. It's about time I find it.
i wonder: how I'll be a mother in this crazy world.
i regret: any time I have offended someone or hurt their feelings. I have no desire to ever do that to anyone. Especially my family and my friends.
i love: ahi tuna with chef's special sauce, the ocean, my dogs, a good sleep, road trips, a book that I'd skip sleep to read, ripe vegetables and fruit and good company.
i care: about what others think about me.
i always: try to be better.
i worry: about the world today and about Sammy.
i am not: paranoid... I'm cautious.
i remember: when there was no reality tv. wierd. pulling my socks up to my knees. bangs. loving the heck out of my brother (still do) and once telling him I hated him when I was angry. It took him 2 years to forgive me. I still feel bad. having the time of my life freshman year of college and not appreciating it. meeting Casey for the first time.
i believe: in the goodness of people. in a second and a third and a seventy fifth chance.
i dance: when im cooking and the music is on in the background. My dog dances with me. seriously.
i sing: all the time and all the wrong words. I miss the que and cant carry a tune. But Ill never stop.
i don’t always: react very well but give me a few days and I'll figure it out.
i argue: not as much as I used to. its a new development.
i write: like aladdin. that's what corynn told me.
i win: when I play nertz. feels good every time.
i lose: and I'm bummed. I hate losing.
i never: understood the big deal about Orlando Bloom. Now Johnny Depp...
i listen: to Sammy breathe and it makes my heart hurt. But he's still has some life in him.
i don't understand: why people hold grudges. the criminal mind. Animal abusers.
i can usually be found: with a book and food within sight.
i am scared: of seriously crazy people.
i need: to finish this post. to do laundry, UGH. to make chex muddy buddies mix for Casey.
i forget: about my problems while I'm on vacation. Its pretty nice.
i am happy about: how life has turned out so far and where its going.