Friday, August 1, 2008

i. am. me. [ tag, you're it. ]

i am: excited for the future.
i think: too far into things. But Im working on it.
i know: a little relaxation goes a long way.
i want: sushi, a good book and 75 degree weather. At the same time please.
i have: a great husband who is kind and funny.
i wish: everyone I loved lived in Las Vegas.
i dislike: laundry. no, I hate it. and the news, it's scary and depressing.
i miss: my college friends.
i fear: criminals in the middle of the night.
i feel: calm and content.
i hear: country music every time I get in my car. It's a country kind of summer.
i smell: everything. it's terrible.
i crave: sushi, truffle french fries, lots of fresh, sweet fruit.
i usually: want to be around other people and not by myself.
i search: for my next favorite book. It's about time I find it.
i wonder: how I'll be a mother in this crazy world.
i regret: any time I have offended someone or hurt their feelings. I have no desire to ever do that to anyone. Especially my family and my friends.
i love: ahi tuna with chef's special sauce, the ocean, my dogs, a good sleep, road trips, a book that I'd skip sleep to read, ripe vegetables and fruit and good company.
i care: about what others think about me.
i always: try to be better.
i worry: about the world today and about Sammy.
i am not: paranoid... I'm cautious.
i remember: when there was no reality tv. wierd. pulling my socks up to my knees. bangs. loving the heck out of my brother (still do) and once telling him I hated him when I was angry. It took him 2 years to forgive me. I still feel bad. having the time of my life freshman year of college and not appreciating it. meeting Casey for the first time.
i believe: in the goodness of people. in a second and a third and a seventy fifth chance.
i dance: when im cooking and the music is on in the background. My dog dances with me. seriously.
i sing: all the time and all the wrong words. I miss the que and cant carry a tune. But Ill never stop.
i don’t always: react very well but give me a few days and I'll figure it out.
i argue: not as much as I used to. its a new development.
i write: like aladdin. that's what corynn told me.
i win: when I play nertz. feels good every time.
i lose: and I'm bummed. I hate losing.
i never: understood the big deal about Orlando Bloom. Now Johnny Depp...
i listen: to Sammy breathe and it makes my heart hurt. But he's still has some life in him.
i don't understand: why people hold grudges. the criminal mind. Animal abusers.
i can usually be found: with a book and food within sight.
i am scared: of seriously crazy people.
i need: to finish this post. to do laundry, UGH. to make chex muddy buddies mix for Casey.
i forget: about my problems while I'm on vacation. Its pretty nice.
i am happy about: how life has turned out so far and where its going.


nertzfan said...

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The Swan's said...

wow!! where have you been I miss your blogs! =( please write more! lol

The Robertson Clan said...

i love this. i feel like i learned a ton about don't like laundry but you do like sushi...and a few other things.

The Dynamic Trio said...

I don't wonder how you'll be a mother in this crazy world...i KNOW you'll be absolutely amazing. :)

SO have you ALWAYS been able to smell everything?? ;)

hello, my name is amber marie. said...

THANK YOU for joining us! ;) now please explain nertz.