Wednesday, August 20, 2008

smiths date

The Good Stuff

Went to Smith and Wollensky's last night.
A nice break from McDonald's Dollar Menu.
No disrespect to Double Cheeseburgers.
Best steak Ive ever had.
Filet Mignon, crab meat, asparagus and bearnaise sauce.
With truffled macaroni and cheese for extra measure, oh and calories.
Casey and I decided you could shave truffles over anything.
Even Lucky Charms.
Casey in his best english accent... "this steak cost more than a freakin fortnight."
Good thing we had gift cards; Thanks Dad.

My lilies make me smile 20 times a day.
Sometimes I'll just sit on the counter and inhale them.
I'm just going to say it...
Most Perfect Flower. Perfect color. Perfect Smell.
I'm grateful Casey understands my obsession.

I got the new W in the mail yesterday.
I learned Bright, Tiny bags make a big statement.
Bold Jewelry... still in.
Gold...In again, at least for this month.
Charms...Still in.
And Violet is this season's prettiest palette.
Whew! Aren't we all the wiser.
I know everyone lives and dies by W.

I spent an hour on this blog today.
The Martha Blog


hello, my name is amber marie. said...

that sounds SO good! i love "CRAP" meat! never had truffles... must try.

The Dynamic Trio said...

Firt of all....LOVE LOVE your layout. I need to get with you or Amber and spice mine up a bit. And um, did i miss something?! "We 2 Treeses and a wha"?! A baby?! Aly are you pregnant?! That is SO GREAT!!! I'm so happy for you!!

The Robertson Clan said...

i love your fun! are you prego!?! is that what..."and a baby" means? maybe you can post an announcement....

hello, my name is amber marie. said...

oh my gosh, you're pregnant?

Adam and Kristina said...

Alexis, thanks for stopping by my blog! Amber found me somehow too, and now we're cyber-BFFs! I will definitely be stalking you and commenting often. You take great pictures too, not to mention that you're gorgeous!