Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lets talk pregnancy

Oh so much to tell.
Keeping the pregnancy secret is torture.
It was especially hard for Casey
who via twitter, a month or so, tweeted
Wait, are you ready for this?
He said...

I love how Ali calls them "pregnancy farts"

Okay that is wrong on so many levels.

Moving on...
Here's more information than you probably care for...
Wow, that actual a perfect name for my blog.
More Information Than You Care For.
kinda catchy.

Im going to pretend Im a celebrity and this is an
interview for US magazine.

So how do you feel Alexis?
We are just over the moon.
(That's what all the celebs say; Gwen S., Gwen P., Jlo, Jen Gardner
all my besties)
Just totally over the moon.

Were you guys trying?
Yes. No. Yes. Passively.
Here's the thing... I'm not the type of person
who can sit down and say. Let's try to have a baby.
Its too much pressure on myself.
My anxiety would shoot through the roof.
So basically,
Um. Hmmm. How do I put this
so our moms dont throw up?
We stopped birth control.
Our method of birth control is the good ol "pull out" method.
Sorry Moms, just keepin it real.
There was no conversation about it...
We knew we wanted our kids about 2 years apart
so that was that.
Then one night...
And this is oh so tender;
One night after we were um done
I layed on my back and put my legs in the air and
Swim Sperm... Swim for your life!
And Casey and I died laughing
because were that mature,
but I really think that's when we conceived.
Isnt that beautiful?
My child will treasure that story all the days of his/her life.

Anyway, I make it seem like it was easy peasy...
But really it took a few months
(I promise, Im not complaining, my heart breaks for those who struggle
with infertility.)
So before I got a plus sign
I took a few tests in the prior months...
Negative results.
I was starting to get worried.
Then one week I took a test because it was time,
it was negative again and my heart broke in a million pieces.
But I didn't talk about it.
I just didnt want to say aloud how bad I wanted baby 2.

A couple weeks pass
and Casey says to me,
You know youre pregnant right?
I dont know why he said that.
Perhaps a burning in his bosom?
Or maybe his horoscope that day said,
Today will bring you some crystallized notions that
will interfere with the flexibility of your thinking
as well as a growing fetus in your wife's belly.
One can never be sure.

I dismissed his comment
until the next day when I was cleaning and came
across my trusty pack of pregnancy tests.
Although I was certain I wasnt pregnant
It couldnt hurt to pee on another stick, right?
So I did... and while I did, my mom called.
We shot the crap for a while...
I finished peeing and continued cleaning
totally forgetting about the pregnancy test.
Then I went to bring some towels in the bathroom
and noticed the test just sitting there.
Meanwhile my mom is talking about something
super random like Bingo...
when I saw the plus sign.
And. I. Screamed.
and screamed and screamed and screamed.
I blurted out, "Im pregnant!! Im pregnant!!"
And then my mom screamed. and screamed.
And Ginger freaked out because
Why the heck is her mom going ape crap right now?
And then I just started giggling, as did my mom.
And Ginger continued to stare at this ridiculous scene
unfolding before her eyes.
It was one of the most joyous moments of my life.

Wait, youre not going to put all that in the magazine right?
Ok cool.
Like leave out the "Swim Sperm Swim" line.

So we know you are Over the Moon about this baby...
But how are you feeling otherwise?
Ohhhhh, right, like do I feel pregnant?
Yes. Oy yes I feel oh so pregnant.
The first six weeks of my pregnancy I felt amazing.
I actually said to Casey, "Oh my gosh, being pregnant is so wonderful,
Im going to be one of those preggos who are like, I love being pregnant!"
and people will roll their eyes at me and Ill love every second.
I said that.
And then a week later, someone turned on the pregnancy switch.
Were talking nausea complete with puking
and I was tired beyond tired.
I had all the same symptoms I did with Ginger only more intense.
My Dr. prescribed me anti nausea medicine
which saved me!
Saved me while killing my husband.
Because a side effect is constipation...
which leads to gas.
hahahaha. payback.
Im starting to feel better now.
Not really taking the med anymore... youre welcome Casey.

I have really intense cravings.
SALTY. anything SALTY.
One night I was craving Vietnamese food.
Vermicelli with char broiled pork saturated in fish sauce.
I asked Casey to go get me some.
He said, Maybe we shouldnt since weve eaten out so much this week.
Now Im going to tell you something... only a pregnant woman would understand...
Although he was right, I actually cried!
I cried! Tears... because I couldnt have pork with fish sauce.
If thats not the most ridiculous thing.
I know I could have gone out and got the Vietnamese food myself...
Casey wouldn't have beat me too bad.
But by that time I was so embarrassed for myself
I made a personal promise I would find something else to eat and be
content with that choice.
But truth be told, I thought about that fishy pork until the
very last minute of the night, while in bed
on my way to the land of nod.

Oh to be pregnant.

To sum things up though...
Im so so so excited and grateful to be pregnant.
I mean look at Ginger
were doing a stellar job...
Were doing the world a favor.
Youre welcome world.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Home Videos

Here's a little video of Ginger and me.
Please excuse my unwashed hair and
annoying voice.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A post of photos.

Y'all know I love me some hipstamatic.
It's this amazing i phone app that lets you take
super cool pictures.
The best part is...
the beauty is in the mistakes!

Ginger playing in Grandma and Grandpa's yard.
Why we need a grass lawn. Exhibit A.

On your mark. Get set. Go!

Go Casey!

Go Tessa!

Go Ginger!

Keep Going Casey!
And pull up your pants boy!

Whew, that was exhausting.
Time to be lazy in the sunshine.

Isnt this picture wonderful?
Such a gorgeous moment.

This is one of my most favorite pictures.
Im basking in my motherhood glory
with my daughter and two nieces.
Completely at peace.

Wait! Ginger Come back!
Youre ruining my illusion of peace!

Now lets play in the cemetery.
Nothing strange about that.
PS Did you see her moccasins?
The perfect gift from her Nana and Popa.
They even smell like a camp fire.
When Auntie Keke was holding her she said,
Why does this baby smell like bacon?

And now... Tessa's pictures.
A 3 year old eyes + A hipstamtic app = perfection.

Doesn't he have the most adorable smile?

Even the fake cheese is sweet.

I think Ill start doing a monthly post...
Our life in hipstamatic.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Grandma Randall

Audrey Randall

Grandma Randall

Isn't she lovely?

Grandma Randall recently passed away.
It seemed too soon.
But this is definitely a time that I am holding on tight
to my testimony.
Its priceless at times like these.
It's amazing to have that level of comfort during a difficult time.
I just stood back and watched Casey's family handle this
with so much grace.
Everyone of them; sad, but fully understanding where she was
and testifying in every action and word of the peace this gives.

When I first met Grandma Randall
I couldnt help but feel a little intimidated by her strength.
But soon I felt the love that she was showing through that strength.
She was a rock.
She gave off this reassuring feeling of safety and peace.
Like as long as you were tucked under her wing you'd be fine.
She is such a great example to me.
And I know that through knowing her, Ill be a better mother and wife.
And I thank her for that gift.

When in Idaho, we asked Grandpa Randall how they met...
he said he was in high school
and she nailed him with a snowball.
and instead of hitting her back,
he chased her down and gave her a kiss.

What a perfect beginning.
I so love this.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Just going to do a quick post
as I am off to the pool as soon as G awakes...
before you get jealous
please know the temperature is triple digits.
Hello June in Vegas.

I have so many things to post.
I'd like to share some wonderful things about
Casey's sweet grandmother Audrey,
who has recently passed away.
I'd also like to show you pictures from our visit to Idaho
wherein Casey gets chased by a cow and steps in cow poo.
And finally I have a super hipstamatic post.
You should see some of the pictures Tessa took.
Life through a 3 year old is awesome.

But quickly, we added a couple things to our home.
New chandelier shades from Anthropologie.
A sweet indulgence from my husband.
and our new coffee table.
A Pottery barn beauty.


So we replaced my homemade ones.
Come on... I have nothing on Anthro.

IMG_8687 edit

Isn't that a great update.
And the color... its so fabulous.

IMG_8691 edit

Excuse the messed up drawers
Ginger is obviously in love with this.

The end.
See you soon.
I wont say I promise because I think those work against me.