Friday, June 4, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Just going to do a quick post
as I am off to the pool as soon as G awakes...
before you get jealous
please know the temperature is triple digits.
Hello June in Vegas.

I have so many things to post.
I'd like to share some wonderful things about
Casey's sweet grandmother Audrey,
who has recently passed away.
I'd also like to show you pictures from our visit to Idaho
wherein Casey gets chased by a cow and steps in cow poo.
And finally I have a super hipstamatic post.
You should see some of the pictures Tessa took.
Life through a 3 year old is awesome.

But quickly, we added a couple things to our home.
New chandelier shades from Anthropologie.
A sweet indulgence from my husband.
and our new coffee table.
A Pottery barn beauty.


So we replaced my homemade ones.
Come on... I have nothing on Anthro.

IMG_8687 edit

Isn't that a great update.
And the color... its so fabulous.

IMG_8691 edit

Excuse the messed up drawers
Ginger is obviously in love with this.

The end.
See you soon.
I wont say I promise because I think those work against me.



I love your style! It's fab. I bet Ginger loves that table, it's awesome.

The Bells said...

Um, can I hire you to decorate my house please? I suck.

Whitney R said...

I love your home. Love those shades. I'm embarrased of my lack of decoration or anything. I have a lot of work to do...