Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I have to say Disneyland with a 1 year old
wasnt as bad of an idea as I thought it'd be.
It turned out we could go on a lot more rides
than I expected.
Ginger was a happy girl all day.
Especially when I let her have a bite of my churro.
The best part of the day though
was early morning when I pulled out my
gigantic camera that I rationed would be worth
carrying around to get those fantastic shots...
only to find out, I left the battery in the charger.
Well of course I did.
Good thing Casey had his point and shoot in the car
and made the ridiculous trek back to retrieve it.






Im so happy we went with the Treese clan.
There was a good rotation system
and they are Disneyland pros,
they knew exactly where to go and when and how and why
and Casey and I were happy to follow their lead
because we were clueless.
And a special shout out to Clay who walked Ginger and Lacey
around in the stroller for E ver... to get them to take a nap.

It was a wonderful weekend.


hollyhs said...

oh my! that picture of her eating the churro is soooo cute!


Disneyland is so much more enjoyable when you get to experience it through your children. Ginger will love it more and more the older she gets. I'm so glad you had a good experience the first time with Ginger. That isn't always the case. She's a cutie!

Kacy said...

Looked like a fun trip! Ginger is seriously cute! I love that first picture of her.

amber belmonte. said...

oh, i'm jealous. when we took taylor last year, it was SO fun to see how excited he got over everything. that's nice that your in laws knew where everything was + what to do.. we felt so lost. and EXHAUSTED by the the of the day.. but it's worth it. pretty sure i ate my weight in churros while we there.

Brett and Melissa said...

Hey Ali... Your life looks so entertaining! Hopefully we will get to Vegas this fall!!! So we will need to catch! Hope you guys are doing well!

Luke, Nicole, and Brighten said...

Where did all of your hair go? Am I really that behind? I like it a lot, it looks darling. We took Brighten at 13 months and had a blast. I am dying to go back. My brother recently went and she now says that she wants to go to Disneyland daily. Love you...miss you:)

The Swan's said...

FUn! i cant wait to take logan! we r trying for this fall with some family! cute cute picture of ginger!

Victoria Elder said...

Disneyland + any age= FUN took Dax 4months, 7months, 18months, & 2, each time was so fun & individually perfect. Looks like u had a great time & casey can rock Minnie mouse ears like I've never seen another man do! Nice!