Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A day in the life...

Here's a typical uneventful Monday at the Treese house.

Wake up: 10:00 a.m. snack: apple jacks. show: sesame street


Elmo keeps her entertained while I hunker down and get to my monday bunnness.
Woe is me.

Time to get serious.
Let's see who can balance a diaper on their head the longest.


I won.
All 27 times.
In Ginger's defense
she was being tickled by her super competitive mother
who couldn't bear the thought of being taken down by a 14 month old.
Some people will stoop so low to win.

11 ish am. brunch. strawberries and an E.G.G with ham and cheese.
That's what lazy people call breakfast.
Were lazy people.


While she eats I carry on with my Monday cleaning bunness.
I hate Mondays.
Because we are super off duty during the weekend.
So my house looks like this...


How. Embarrassing.

After brunch comes a bath.
Especially because Ginger has decided to rub her food in her hair.


Ah, Much better with Moses.


Then time to moisturize this situation.


Meanwhile Moses tries to catch up on some R&R while Ginger goes down for her noon nap.
He needs it because when G get's up she'll be all rested for some dog chasin.


I tried to warn you...


Normally we go on an afternoon walk or bike ride
but Las Vegas has been cursed with wind.
So we go hang out on my bed and finish watching Monsters inc on my laptop.
But then she gets restless.









So down for her second nap.
Then we head over to my lovely In-laws for Family Home Evening.
Where we learn two things:


1. Sometimes uncles don't notice when they're sitting on their nieces.


2. Little sisters want to be just like their big sisters.

That's all.
Try not to fall over from excitement.


Whitney R said...

I love this post! Favorite picture? The first bath tub picture. And that her little head is poking out over the toilet in the corner.

And you captured great moments. Are you using a flash? Or just natural light?

Life as Ashley said...


Can I come over for brunch?

Geez, if I could get Kaeden to eat something like that, I'd be in heaven.

My kid lives on processed foods and sugar.

Yes. I'm a horrible mom.

I agree with Whit. Way to capture fun moments of your day.

Tell G her downward dog is impeccable. :)

Victoria Elder said...

I'm w/ash if that breakfast is what lazy people do, I'm screwed.. Fruity pebbles is our drug of choice.... Then Dax drinks pediasure all day cause it's better than food. I love Ginger miss her... Bring her to me fir a playdate, you know u wanna come to NYC lady!!!!

amber belmonte. said...

love all the pictures! obsessed with that shower curtain! is it new? if ham + eggs is lazy, then what is not lazy? i'm glad g's learning the benefits of moisturizing at such an early age.. no one wants a wrinkly toddler. her blanket is SO cute.. did you make it? and one last thing, my kitchen is messier! i win.

Treese Family said...

Love your Monday. What happens on Tuesday or Wed?

Sheila said...

it's official , I'm requesting Mondays off so I can come play too! what a lovely child, what a lovely mother !

The Bells said...

Would it be wierd to say that if I die I want to come back as one of your children? You are a great mom! Ginger is a lucky ducky.

The Swan's said...

THat sums up our mondays! I thoughtI was the only one, your just brave enough to post the pictures of the after math of the weekend lol, love the pictures i might need to hire you for twins photos since your pictures always turn out great!

kurt and ash said...

love it ali. you are so darling.

Corynn said...

She is too cute. Sounds like a monday I could have. My house is always a wreck on Monday too! Your pics are so good. You got skills. Love you.