Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hello California

I am trying to recover from a very busy and very fun
And that's the thing about vacations...
you need a vacation to properly recuperate from a vacation.
So I was all, Listen Ginger... Im super exhausted
so if you could just make your own bottles and scramble
your own eggs today, that'd be awesome.
To which she replied with a blank stare.

Saturday we met up with my brother and sister in law
Nikki and Cody and their adorable kids.






Don't they make beautiful children?
Meeting up with them proved to be an awesome decision.
1. We had a blast.
2. They're moving to Texas so it was great
to spend time with them before they go.
And 3. Because if you ever go to the beach... you should go
with them.
Need some shade... they got a tent.
Thirsty? Here's an ice cold diet coke.
Bored? Here's a football and a shovel.
To bury a football?
Basically... they're prepared beach goers.

Ginger loved the sand. and surprisingly didnt
shove handfuls in her mouth like I thought she would.


Tessa is my most wonderful photography subject
to practice on...
You can see why.

IMG_8245 copy

IMG_8221 copy



I've got 42 more examples.
The last picture is of her "throwing a snowball at me".

A few reasons why I LOVE kids at the beach:
1. They call balls of sand- snowballs.
2. They aren't uptight like adults. Sand in their armpits
and mouths... Who cares?
3. Sand can provide hours and hours and hours of entertainment.

And whats a trip to the beach without
someone getting buried in the sand?
Tessa was a very willing participant.


Man I love that picture.

Ginger got in on the action too.
Ta dah!


Hello Sunshine.



Hey man walking his dog in the background...
Get out of my shot! You're ruining my moment!


Keep going sir.

Forget it. Ginger move up a little... Now to the right,
there we go.



Wasn't that fun?
I'll show you our Disneyland action tomorrow!
I promise.


Life as Ashley said...

Look at you. Just barely back and already blogging about it. I'm jealous. Here I am thinking.... Cali pics? Maybe I'll get around to them in a couple of weeks.

Can't wait to see how G enjoyed D-land. We didn't take Kade because we're basically the most horrible parents ever (ahem broke), so I'll let him live vicariously through G. :)

That Tessa is a doll. Love the first picture of her. Everything about it is perfect.

Kate Korr said...

I love, love, love Ginger's suit!! And your niece is gorgeous!!!

The Swan's said...

FUn i need a beach trip but i am pretty sure the ocean doesnt need another whale swimming in it! lol cant wait to see disneyland photos!