Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sam I Am

When Ginger was a few months old
Casey spent a Saturday afternoon working in the garage
on this;

Sam I am 4

At the time this piece of wood was our coffee table.
Casey noticed Ginger spent a lot of time lying on her back
looking up.
So he wanted to give her something to look at.
He took the pages from the Dr. Suess book Sam I Am
and modge podged them to the bottom of the table.
He mixed up the pages
and turned them into an analogy for the gospel.
And for a personal touch, you can find
three names on there;
Casey, Ali and Ginger Estelle Treese.

I know.
Totally sweet.

When he showed me I just looked at him awe struck.
it was so special and such a testament of the kind of father he is.
Ginger is so fortunate to have him for a dad.

Sam I am table 1

After Ginger started being more active we decided to
take the coffee table out of the living room.
Now that Sam I am piece of wood is sitting on two sawhorses.
And is used as a desk.
And Ginger is still captivated by it.

Sam I am 3


Sheila said...

what a good dad! and what a lucky girl she is too have him

Lisa Allsop said...

Hey, what is your and Casey's phone numbers so I can start sending you texts when we have bbqs and gettogethers at our house?

The Swan's said...

so sweet and a great idea!

amber belmonte. said...

aww, i love it! such a cute idea!

Corynn said...

I don't know how I missed a whole month of posts. I love you Ali.

Alyssa said...

seriously he should sell those. that's genius! and sooo sweet and thoughtful! wow.

Whitney R said...

I've been reading every post.. and haven't been commenting. I used to comment on everything! I'll do so again because I've REALLY been enjoying your comments. :)

This is so incredibly sweet. And I love that he put it into a Gospel perspective! Someday when I come to your house (because I'm planning to (yes, I just invited myself)) I am going to lay on the floor with G and Naomi and read it. :)

Victoria Elder said...

Umh seriously...that was tender! What a good daddy that's just about the sweetest thing! Love the pics too!