Sunday, August 22, 2010


Ive been quite the lazy and neglectful blogger.
I like to pretend I have thousands of followers
who check this page daily
to be spiritually fed by stories of swimming sperm
and home made chandeliers.
Dont go.
I promise thats the last time I'll mention sperm.
Anyway, here is a random rambling update of sorts.
For my tens of followers out there.
Mom's friend.
I kid, my dad totally does not read this.

Im pregnant. As you know.
And here's the dirty truth.
Once I hit my 14th week, I was finished with trimester one
and feeling pretty damn good.
At which time I mentioned to Casey,
I love being pregnant.
Saying those words are like casting a shit spell on me.
Sorry for the language.
Crap storm just doesn't cut it.
But remember I said that week six and then Bam!
Pregnancy switch, morning, afternoon and evening sickness.
Back to trimester two.
So for a week or so, I was filled with energy and love
and the aura of a dozen unicorns.
And then the depression fairy came to me one night
sprinkling her Woe is Me dust all over my sleeping, pregnant body.
Ill tell you the crappy part about depression...
When someone asks you, Whats wrong?
You have no good explanation.
There's no event, person, place or thing
to blame it on.
If there was, at least you could come up with a well directed solution.
But its just...
a state of being.
A crappy, nasty, tiring state of being.
This is the part where I'd like to publicly thank
my husband and my mother.
If you're ever on the depression train, they are the ones
you want on your team.
after a couple weeks of me being a barely functioning citizen.
I told my doctor, zoloft wasnt doing the trick.
So she switched me to prozac
and two weeks later... I'm normal!

I'd like to publicly endorse prozac.
Thank you for helping me shower again.
And cook and clean and laugh and read and leave the house.

So that explains my blogging absence.
Sorry mom.
and mom's friend.

Okay this is dragging on and on.
here's some of the magic that has filled our lives
in the past month.

My youngest sister had her baby,
Willow Mae,
and I got to be in the room.
Watching babies being born is like a successful
opiate trip for me.
(I imagine.... you know- word on the street)
its seriously like a drug. I get high as a kite and smile
for days at the memory of a mother seeing her child
for the first time.

Willow Mae in her newborn glory.


Were in love with her.


This is what pure joy looks like...

Willow is great practice for Ginger.
Hard to believe she's not the baby anymore.
Rumor is she's having a tough time sharing Grammy.
My mom went to pick up crying Willow and
Ginger injected herself in between, shook her finger at Willow
and said, No, My Ammie!

Still she has no reason to worry, look how in love
the two of them are...


Ginger is almost a year and a half.
With the anticipation of my second child
Im clinging on to Ginger, asking her daily
not to grow up.
Call me Peter Pan.
I just cant imagine her not being the "baby".
Her vocabulary growing everyday.
Her personality blossoming.
And....drumroll please,
We can finally put her hair in pigtails.
Thank goodness because she was beginning
to look like the lead singer of Flock of Seagulls.
I'll do a separate post for her soon.
There's so much to update.

As for my growing fetus.
I've had three ultrasounds where he was
displaying his anatomy like a champ.
So my doctor has reiterated... He is most definitely
a boy.
His fluttering has escalated to kicks.
Which I love!
People have asked if Im scared to have a boy versus a girl.
The answer is NO- Im not nervous, I 100% wanted a boy and I am thrilled.
I am, however, terrified to go from 1 child to 2 children.
My cravings include but are not limited to...
buttery cabbage, PB and J, fruit snacks, cheeseburgers and lucky charms.
You know all the healthy stuff.

Almost every saturday, our friends gather together
to be in the only bearable place
during summer in las vegas.
the pool.


I love when babies reach for their mama's.
Ahhhh and I'm high again.

Aren't baby Presley's eyes magical?

Keeping on the summer theme,
you remember the mini ramp right.
Its parked behind the pool.
Well the husbands made some repairs
and thanks to Eric's artwork...
the ramp is summerific.



And summer's not complete without an evening dinner
with a half naked baby.

So were mostly caught up.

Friday, August 20, 2010

adventures in motherhood

Today Ginger was walking around chewing something.
Something I didnt give her.
I thought it was her rubberband for her hair.
Dont ask me why I thought that.
So I held out my hand.
Spit it out, I say.
To which she obliges.
And in my hand is a regurgitated goldfish cracker.
Oh, that's okay, I tell her.
Then she picks up the A.B.C. goldfish out of my hand
and puts in back in her mouth.
I love toddlers.