Friday, August 20, 2010

adventures in motherhood

Today Ginger was walking around chewing something.
Something I didnt give her.
I thought it was her rubberband for her hair.
Dont ask me why I thought that.
So I held out my hand.
Spit it out, I say.
To which she obliges.
And in my hand is a regurgitated goldfish cracker.
Oh, that's okay, I tell her.
Then she picks up the A.B.C. goldfish out of my hand
and puts in back in her mouth.
I love toddlers.


Kate Korr said...

I've caught Michael eating pieces of food out the garbage a few times. Can you imagine how many times I haven't? Or he will refuse to eat anything out of his snack cup but will pick up random Cheerio's off the floor and put them in his mouth.

Kaydi Rae said...

love the new layout! hope this pregnancy is treating you well.

Mollie Sekikawa said...

I love these moments of motherhood. I have pointed out food on the floor to Anthony, I stuck my hand out for a chewed fruit snack when the sacrament bread came today, he thinks the dog's water dish and his water cup are interchangable... I mean, hey, it's helping their immune system, right?!? Any names yet for the boy? If you have any discarded names, PLEASE throw them my way. Tony and I can't seem to agree on ANYTHING!