Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I have to say Disneyland with a 1 year old
wasnt as bad of an idea as I thought it'd be.
It turned out we could go on a lot more rides
than I expected.
Ginger was a happy girl all day.
Especially when I let her have a bite of my churro.
The best part of the day though
was early morning when I pulled out my
gigantic camera that I rationed would be worth
carrying around to get those fantastic shots...
only to find out, I left the battery in the charger.
Well of course I did.
Good thing Casey had his point and shoot in the car
and made the ridiculous trek back to retrieve it.






Im so happy we went with the Treese clan.
There was a good rotation system
and they are Disneyland pros,
they knew exactly where to go and when and how and why
and Casey and I were happy to follow their lead
because we were clueless.
And a special shout out to Clay who walked Ginger and Lacey
around in the stroller for E ver... to get them to take a nap.

It was a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hello California

I am trying to recover from a very busy and very fun
And that's the thing about vacations...
you need a vacation to properly recuperate from a vacation.
So I was all, Listen Ginger... Im super exhausted
so if you could just make your own bottles and scramble
your own eggs today, that'd be awesome.
To which she replied with a blank stare.

Saturday we met up with my brother and sister in law
Nikki and Cody and their adorable kids.






Don't they make beautiful children?
Meeting up with them proved to be an awesome decision.
1. We had a blast.
2. They're moving to Texas so it was great
to spend time with them before they go.
And 3. Because if you ever go to the beach... you should go
with them.
Need some shade... they got a tent.
Thirsty? Here's an ice cold diet coke.
Bored? Here's a football and a shovel.
To bury a football?
Basically... they're prepared beach goers.

Ginger loved the sand. and surprisingly didnt
shove handfuls in her mouth like I thought she would.


Tessa is my most wonderful photography subject
to practice on...
You can see why.

IMG_8245 copy

IMG_8221 copy



I've got 42 more examples.
The last picture is of her "throwing a snowball at me".

A few reasons why I LOVE kids at the beach:
1. They call balls of sand- snowballs.
2. They aren't uptight like adults. Sand in their armpits
and mouths... Who cares?
3. Sand can provide hours and hours and hours of entertainment.

And whats a trip to the beach without
someone getting buried in the sand?
Tessa was a very willing participant.


Man I love that picture.

Ginger got in on the action too.
Ta dah!


Hello Sunshine.



Hey man walking his dog in the background...
Get out of my shot! You're ruining my moment!


Keep going sir.

Forget it. Ginger move up a little... Now to the right,
there we go.



Wasn't that fun?
I'll show you our Disneyland action tomorrow!
I promise.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A day in the life...

Here's a typical uneventful Monday at the Treese house.

Wake up: 10:00 a.m. snack: apple jacks. show: sesame street


Elmo keeps her entertained while I hunker down and get to my monday bunnness.
Woe is me.

Time to get serious.
Let's see who can balance a diaper on their head the longest.


I won.
All 27 times.
In Ginger's defense
she was being tickled by her super competitive mother
who couldn't bear the thought of being taken down by a 14 month old.
Some people will stoop so low to win.

11 ish am. brunch. strawberries and an E.G.G with ham and cheese.
That's what lazy people call breakfast.
Were lazy people.


While she eats I carry on with my Monday cleaning bunness.
I hate Mondays.
Because we are super off duty during the weekend.
So my house looks like this...


How. Embarrassing.

After brunch comes a bath.
Especially because Ginger has decided to rub her food in her hair.


Ah, Much better with Moses.


Then time to moisturize this situation.


Meanwhile Moses tries to catch up on some R&R while Ginger goes down for her noon nap.
He needs it because when G get's up she'll be all rested for some dog chasin.


I tried to warn you...


Normally we go on an afternoon walk or bike ride
but Las Vegas has been cursed with wind.
So we go hang out on my bed and finish watching Monsters inc on my laptop.
But then she gets restless.









So down for her second nap.
Then we head over to my lovely In-laws for Family Home Evening.
Where we learn two things:


1. Sometimes uncles don't notice when they're sitting on their nieces.


2. Little sisters want to be just like their big sisters.

That's all.
Try not to fall over from excitement.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sam I Am

When Ginger was a few months old
Casey spent a Saturday afternoon working in the garage
on this;

Sam I am 4

At the time this piece of wood was our coffee table.
Casey noticed Ginger spent a lot of time lying on her back
looking up.
So he wanted to give her something to look at.
He took the pages from the Dr. Suess book Sam I Am
and modge podged them to the bottom of the table.
He mixed up the pages
and turned them into an analogy for the gospel.
And for a personal touch, you can find
three names on there;
Casey, Ali and Ginger Estelle Treese.

I know.
Totally sweet.

When he showed me I just looked at him awe struck.
it was so special and such a testament of the kind of father he is.
Ginger is so fortunate to have him for a dad.

Sam I am table 1

After Ginger started being more active we decided to
take the coffee table out of the living room.
Now that Sam I am piece of wood is sitting on two sawhorses.
And is used as a desk.
And Ginger is still captivated by it.

Sam I am 3