Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The hard Post

This is the part where I tell you.

[dont read this, sing it in your head, tune: theme to the Fresh Prince]

Now this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there
And tell you Casey and I have been separated for 6 months.

like ripping off a band-aid.

You know, our parents generation never had to wonder about when, how or if they'd
announce something like this via facebook/blog/twitter etc.

I just felt like I should put it out there because
this blog has always been a place where I can share/document my life.
and my life is not what it was.
And my writing just started to feel inauthentic.
What's another way of saying "crap or get off the pot"?
because i want to use a prettier version of that phrase.
But really, all my vague posts about being stressed and overwhelmed
were starting to annoy me.
so I thought, either, stop doing personal posts or just get it out there.

So there you have it.

here are a few things I'll share:

...okay wait, deep breath...
still breathing.

these are just random pieces of information.
things I feel I can share.

I love Casey.
first and foremost, I love him and I want his happiness.
I dont know how the hell I ended up here.
Last night, we wanted to work things out.
tonight, I feel like a series of miracles need to occur for us to have a chance. 
two weeks ago, We were going to get a divorce.
Weve gone back and forth a few times.
In the past six months... I have not had one single day that felt normal.
the kids and I are living with my parents and have been since May.
Casey lives in  Pahrump. 
I would do anything to have a redo at this marriage.
But to sum it up.
Its awful. just so incredibly awful. I dont know how else to put it.

So thats that. 
I probably should have written a more eloquent post.
But this territory is so unfamiliar.

So I ask for prayers on behalf of my family.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Get it?



Things havent been easy lately.
Im under a stupid amount of stress.
It's starting to affect me more then I'd like to admit.
I'm super low on patience.
I'm sensitive.
And I hate to admit this.
Ugh. Er.
Sometimes Im just plain mean.
Which makes me want to cry just thinking of it.
Again, Im sensitive.
But I really dont want to be that "girl", and I certainly dont want to be that wife, mom, daughter, sister etc.
Im trying though. Lord knows I am.

Remember the first time you were pregnant?
Because I am assuming anyone reading this is female and has two or more kids?
Rephrase; The first time I was pregnant, I thought everyone in the world should
Jump up and down with joy, and give me sympathy... lots of sympathy, and pretty much treat me
like I was Royalty.
I mean, I. Was. Growing. A. Child. Inside. Of. Me.
I wanted strangers to high five me as we crossed paths and say something like,
" You Go Girl! Way to be a vessel for a soul. A soul that may be the next President of the United States,
You are terrific! , May I get you anything? Boba tea, perhaps? A Margherita Pizza, Sausalito cookies??
And Id be all, oh you are so kind to offer... yes. All of the above please, Oh and tums too please"
But life just went on as usual.

I feel a similar way when you are going through a difficult time in your life.
Like I am the only one who should be jaded from life.

Everyone one else should put on the kid gloves and handle me.
But make sure they are the "invisible kid gloves" so I dont feel pathetic.

A few days ago someone pointed out "I wasnt the only person in the world who was stressed."
And I was all, "SayWhaaaaaaaaaat?"
and then I put them on my Crap  Gratitude list.
Because Now I know... Im not the only one. This whole time I thought the guests on Dr. Phil and Suze Orman
were actors acting like they had problems.
Im such an idiot.
Well even if there are other "stressed outters" out there
I still want special treatment. I still want high fives in the street... "you go girl! You washed your hair... AND blow dried it?!"
"You kept your cool when your toddler, cried, whined and begged for three hours straight because she "wanted a barn" (true story}, heres a gift certificate for a massage. 

Random praise a some more slack- It would just make these life events easier.

Anyway, this particular day was rough for Ginger and I.
She has been...
how should I put this? 
Hellacious. Let's just be honest.

I love her.
But freak, somedays...

So her terrible twoness and my lack of patience is not a good combination.
Its not always bad. Somedays are amazing with her. Sometimes all she needs is a timeout.
Sometimes all I need is a timeout.

Anyway that evening she wasnt going to sleep.
And I was so exhausted from trying to come up with effective parenting solutions.
So at midnight, I surrendered and looked at her and said, "Do you want some pumpkin pie?"
Her smile and halfmoon eyes said it all. 
So the two of us, in our jammies, hopped down the stairs holding hands.
I grabbed a fork and we sat ourselves on the counter and ate us some pie.

Followed by some good ol shut eye.

Abd you know what, Ginger totally high fived me!


Smiles, Light, and Movement

Because I excelled at the other one.
I decided another photography challenge was in order.
After all, last time-
I think I made it up to day 7... pretty awesome.

But this one is different.
Its a gratitude photo challenge.
I love when I see other peoples gratitude posts on FB
or their blog or whatever.
It reminds me to count my blessings.
They say being grateful is one the most tried and true ways 
to be happy. 

In that case...


I think its working already you guys.

So heres the challenge:


And here are my rules.
Did you know you could make your own?
You can. In the immortal words of my brother 
(and Im sure many other brothers)
"It's a free country".
When we were kids
He used to put his foot like 2 mm from my face.
So annoying. 
And I'd be all, "Move your foot you frickin tard!"
And then he'd be like, " Its a free country".

Im pretty sure Thomas Jefferson and all his delegates, were sittin around in
Independence Hall and He was all, "You guys... We have got to get this on paper! 
We need some sort of universally accepted document that ensures my rights as a human being,
Like if I wanna put my foot in JMad's face, then he cant just shoot me because its obnoxious.
What do you think of the term "Free Country?" The wigged men are like, hmm good idea... meanwhile
James Madison is rolling his eyes in the background but agrees because hes got plans of his own to annoy the hell out of Jefferson later.

What were we talking about?

Oh right, Im changing the rules.
Y'all... I AM GRATEFUL to make my own rules considering photo challenges
discovered on pinterest. 

Anyway. I have the photography fire burning in my soul, coating my bones, circulating
my low blood count.
Yes. Its that serious.
I also want a creative way to express what I am grateful for.
So this is perfect.

Okay. the gratitude challenge rules. drumroll please.
(Im so sure youre doing a drumroll in your pjs right now)
And I AM GRATEFUL. for your fingers drumming or the sound you are making in your head.

HEAR THAT HAPPY  FAIRIES?? Another statement of gratitude.

Rule 1. I can do day 22 on day 6 if I want to. 
Its my challenge, I can do it non-sequentially if I want to.
Rule 2. Feel the spirit of the challenge... if I see something I am grateful for. 
Bust out the Canon or iphone- its a free country.
Rule 3. Have fun. If it feels like a pain in the butt. Dont bother at the moment.
Rule 4. Post when you can what you can.
Rule 5. any rules may be broken or altered at any time.

WHEW. Now this is my kind of challenge.
You know what... while im on this "Im an adult &  "can change the rules" kick.
Let's lose the word challenge.
Actually, let's just give it a better name...

From hereon forth it shall be called the 
"Unspecified Number of Days of Public Acknowledgement of Gratitude. A Super Fun Photo Project That I Can Do if it Brings Me Joy."

Okay, here are some Grateful Pictures.



Be still my heart. His smile does some sort of magic on me. 


seana and char beach oct 11

Oh Sunshine... on the beach...a bestie Miss Seana...drinking in the rays while her babe Miss Charlotte...sleeps peacefully. 
Que Sheryl Crow...  I, Im gonna soak up the sun. Im gonna tell everyone to lighten up.
I Am SO GRATEFUL for the Light of the Sun and the Light of Good Friends.



Oh where to begin. This is me and my brother James. I just met him. Isnt that crazy?
Here we are... ballet on the beach- no biggie. 
James, his girlfriend- Jesse, my brother Ray and I played on the beach for hours.
Jesse had never seen the ocean- which blew my mind. So I was all, get in my car! were going on a road trip!

We went straight here and spent four hours on that beach.
And you know what? I can truly say these were with the exception of my wedding day and the births of my children...
they were the best hours of my life. 
You cant tell from this photo but James is quiet, reserved, serious. He is kind. So kind. With a smart sense of humor that is more for him than anyone else... like its not on display.
And he tries hard not to laugh. Like when I say to Ginger... Dont you dare smile...! and the corners of her cheeks start to move up and she cant decide whether or not to give in or fight it.
So James gets this smirk and its all I can do to not start treating him like my toddler and tickle him until he laughs.
Which would be weird. To be a 22 with an older sister you just met 48 hours prior 
start to tickle you. 
 The way all of  us were that day, free, peaceful but full of life... It was God Given. 
Its so difficult to explain but I know that to be true. After this day we all had a pretty rough time dealing with all the extras that come along. I havent talked to James... not intentionally... And Ray and I had a bit of a falling out, that broke my heart. 

But... We'll always have paris.

Better yet, Well always have Zuma Beach.

I Am SO GRATEFUL for My BROTHER JAMES who Was Willing to dance with me and My BROTHER RAY who I had never seen giggle and Smile so much in all my life. I AM Most definitely GRATEFUL for the way we put aside all the confusion of the past and ALLOWED OURSELVES TO BE FREE.
Free to dance, Free to look dumb. Free to be silly. 

There you go friends... words, pictures and things you didnt know about me.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fancy a Funny?

I know I've already done a random post this morning,
but I cant resist another.

I dont know why I felt the need to say that...
like Im breaking some blogging commandment.

Anyway, I found the Fresh Prince link and this link 
via A Cup of Jo
Her friday links are always great.

This is 25 pictures taken at exactly the right time
They all made smile and laugh in my head...
but this one was the winner for me...


Laughed out loud, scared my dog, and Im still giggling.

The story of the Prince of Bel Air

jimmy fallon||as neil young||as will smith

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

just laugh, even if it is dumb.

Whenever I start to feel sad...
I get awesome...
no thats not how it goes- is it?
whatever that doogie howser quote is.
Is that even how you spell Doogie's last name?
And that's the wrong show reference.

Raise your hand if you have followed anything you just read.
Okay, two of you. 

Let me start over...
Whenever I start to feel sad, 
I go here 
It's the most reliable website on the internet 
in terms of finding stuff that makes me laugh or smile.

In the past five minutes,
this is what I found...

Numero uno


A scene from "Between two ferns" which is my fav.
Its a little show thing in which 
Zach Galafanaskjhdkjfbbvdhkis interviews celebrities on funny or die. 
And I die- it's so funny. As you can see from above.



This isnt so super funny, but it made me smile.

thres. tres. three


AHAHAHAHA. That's just funny.

four. (counting in spanish was a dumb idea)


Big Smile. I adore him. 

Finally Fivero


HA! what the?? So many people have actually typed this question into google, 
it comes up second.
And why would you have to google that?
Because it happens a lot and youre starting to feel bad?
Or because you were crying and someone farted and you dont know 
whether or not to be mad at them.
Most likely because in a random conversation you said, "Its rude to fart when someones crying."
And your significant other replied, "No, its not."
And then you said, "Yes it is... google that shiz."

Truth be told... I did just google it.
I was wrong about all three scenerios.

Now tell me, you dont feel the least bit tempted to google it?

Friday, September 30, 2011

Not Forgotten

I love this talk by President Uchtdorf. 

As a mother, I find myself continually being surprised by
the blessings of this divine calling, as well as
the Incredible Responsibility I have to love and nurture and guide these children of mine.
The joy is greater then any joy I have ever known.
And conversely, the pressure is unlike any other I have known.
And with the territory come sacrifices, heartaches, guilt, and
exhaustion both physically and emotionally.
But knowing the divinity of my role, gives me reassurance
the Lord is always with me,
which brings me Peace- an invaluable resource.

Now if I could just tape that message to every wall of this house,

I love the way the gospel places value on Women.
Especially now that I have children.

I want Ginger to grow up knowing She is a Daughter of Heavenly Father,
and He loves her, with "an infinite love".
I want Oliver to be a man of worth and integrity
and to see women the way our Father in Heaven intends him to.
To respect the divinity within every one of them.

{Which reminds me to pray for the woman that does have my 
Sweet Oliver's affections...
may she be as perfect as possible.
just kidding. 
sort of}
And when the day comes that Ginger or Oliver may
be carrying a burden so heavy it engulfs him/her...

He will know, He is not forgotten. Heavenly Father knows him
and has prepared a way so that he may have that burden lifted.

She will know, She is not forgotten. Heavenly Father knows her 
and has prepared a way so that she may have that burden lifted.

And you know what? I hope that for you too.
when the day comes that You may
be carrying a burden so heavy it engulfs you...

You will know, Your are not forgotten. Heavenly Father knows you 
and has prepared a way so that you may have that burden lifted.

Whether you are LDS or not, a mother or not,
You should listen to the words and testimony of President Uchtdorf.
It is such a positive and powerful message.

Part One

Part Two

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


oliver bath

I just want him to be a baby forever. 
He makes me sing church songs in my head. 
Thats how much sunshine he brings to my soul. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

secrets of superheroes

If you have a toddler or have had a toddler
you probably understand the great contradiction 
these little creatures pose.

I mean, they are quite bothersome, aren't they?

And yet, I cannot imagine my life without this beautiful, bothersome fairy, I call Ginger.


Warning... I just took my sleep meds 
and Just so you understand the frame of mind Im in...
Im currently listening to this:

Rock Steady. Its what happens when someone wants you so much, and you didnt get it.

The other day G brought a tape to me and 
asked, "Mama, What's this?" 

A piece of me died that night when I realized she'd never realize the glory of
running on a treadmill, rockin her fly new walkman.


So we called it an accessory and I moved on with my life.

You know that crazy, awesome, adventurous, super fabulous life I have
wherein I make things like this to pass my time...

I title this one Ginger's bedhead.


She likes to hang out with her boyfriend, the running man...

photo .

Anyway back to my gingerdoodle.
Isn't she lovely?
Picnik collage

Point of this post is...

Ginger makes me laugh and smile and feel loved every day.
Every morning, I can count on going to wake her up and hearing her saying "oh my butt"
Like shes just realizing she's naked. 
And for the next 30 minutes, She is known as, Ginger "iwanna" Treese.
Because all I hear is, "I wanna color, I wanna eat. I wanna watch Shark Tale. I wanna Eat. etc. etc.
She's naked. Still.
And her hair is wild. Like Crazy "just escaped from the insane asylum" Hair.
And she is ocd about her clothes. random things like if it feel like their should be another button...
she loses her mind. 
If I try to put on a cropped sweater... ABSOLUTELY BANANAS.
HateS it. 
Empire waists... not into them. 
Maybe thats why shes always naked because clothing stresses her out.

She is obsessed with the garbage truck aka Mater.
The other day I had my headphones on and was lying down in corpse pose meditating.
no for reals.
How else am I supposed to stay sane?
When all of a sudden she jumped on me, I opened my eyes to see her crazy excited eyes 
an inch from my face.
I threw my headphones off, swooped her up and ran downstairs just in time to get out the door
so we can wave to Mater and they can give us a little honk 
and make Ginger's day. 
And she throws out compliments constantly.
"Ooooh I like your nails." "Ooooh those shoes are gorgeous." 
And she gives credit where credit is due...
the other day, I power cleaned the house while she was napping, and when she woke up,
as she was walking down the stairs she goes, " Oh my goodness. Look at that. Its gorgeous."
"You did that Mama, Im so proud of you". 

Not a man in sight would look twice, but that little 2 year old sees everything.
kinda scary.

But the most wonderful thing about Ginger is her thoughtful beautiful soul.

And every night I tell her a secret, its always I love you accompanied with a
compliment. Then Ginger tells me a secret. 
For three weeks its been. " I love you and I like your coloring"

But do you know what her secret was today?

"I love you and youre a superhero."

Then I died.