Thursday, November 10, 2011


Get it?



Things havent been easy lately.
Im under a stupid amount of stress.
It's starting to affect me more then I'd like to admit.
I'm super low on patience.
I'm sensitive.
And I hate to admit this.
Ugh. Er.
Sometimes Im just plain mean.
Which makes me want to cry just thinking of it.
Again, Im sensitive.
But I really dont want to be that "girl", and I certainly dont want to be that wife, mom, daughter, sister etc.
Im trying though. Lord knows I am.

Remember the first time you were pregnant?
Because I am assuming anyone reading this is female and has two or more kids?
Rephrase; The first time I was pregnant, I thought everyone in the world should
Jump up and down with joy, and give me sympathy... lots of sympathy, and pretty much treat me
like I was Royalty.
I mean, I. Was. Growing. A. Child. Inside. Of. Me.
I wanted strangers to high five me as we crossed paths and say something like,
" You Go Girl! Way to be a vessel for a soul. A soul that may be the next President of the United States,
You are terrific! , May I get you anything? Boba tea, perhaps? A Margherita Pizza, Sausalito cookies??
And Id be all, oh you are so kind to offer... yes. All of the above please, Oh and tums too please"
But life just went on as usual.

I feel a similar way when you are going through a difficult time in your life.
Like I am the only one who should be jaded from life.

Everyone one else should put on the kid gloves and handle me.
But make sure they are the "invisible kid gloves" so I dont feel pathetic.

A few days ago someone pointed out "I wasnt the only person in the world who was stressed."
And I was all, "SayWhaaaaaaaaaat?"
and then I put them on my Crap  Gratitude list.
Because Now I know... Im not the only one. This whole time I thought the guests on Dr. Phil and Suze Orman
were actors acting like they had problems.
Im such an idiot.
Well even if there are other "stressed outters" out there
I still want special treatment. I still want high fives in the street... "you go girl! You washed your hair... AND blow dried it?!"
"You kept your cool when your toddler, cried, whined and begged for three hours straight because she "wanted a barn" (true story}, heres a gift certificate for a massage. 

Random praise a some more slack- It would just make these life events easier.

Anyway, this particular day was rough for Ginger and I.
She has been...
how should I put this? 
Hellacious. Let's just be honest.

I love her.
But freak, somedays...

So her terrible twoness and my lack of patience is not a good combination.
Its not always bad. Somedays are amazing with her. Sometimes all she needs is a timeout.
Sometimes all I need is a timeout.

Anyway that evening she wasnt going to sleep.
And I was so exhausted from trying to come up with effective parenting solutions.
So at midnight, I surrendered and looked at her and said, "Do you want some pumpkin pie?"
Her smile and halfmoon eyes said it all. 
So the two of us, in our jammies, hopped down the stairs holding hands.
I grabbed a fork and we sat ourselves on the counter and ate us some pie.

Followed by some good ol shut eye.

Abd you know what, Ginger totally high fived me!



Lindzie said...

Hey girl. I don't know what is stressing you out, but I hope you know you aren't alone. Life is challenging, kids are challenging, parents are challenging, etc etc. I hope that piece of pie brought a little serenity for the time being :)

Rebecca said...

This post brought a tear to my eyes. I love that at the end of it all you threw in the towel just ate pie and made a special memory. I'm so sorry to hear you have been going through such a hard time. It breaks my heart to hear that your cute family is going through this. Hold in there.