Thursday, December 9, 2010

Need Some Christmas Cheer?

Right now, Im lying in bed,
playing on the computer while
Ginger naps and Baby Boy Treese
stretches and kicks, punches and Thai Bo's in my stomach.
Last night he pushed his little foot so far out,
you could grab it.
Ive already announced via facebook and twitter
that Im dilated to a 2.
I dilated early with Ginger,
so half of me is convinced I still have three more weeks
and the other half of me is feeling like this baby is going to
walk out of me in the middle of the night.

Right now were dog sitting for our friend.
Meet Zoe...
photo (4)

Isnt she a doll?
See her eye... does anyone know- is this a common
Pomeranian thing and is there something otc I can buy for it?

Im really feeling sorry for the boys in this family.
Moses is like a puppy again.
He is so in love and they play all day long.
And Casey is so in love with her I felt a sting of jealousy yesterday
while he was loving on her.
Sort of pathetic. What can I say?
I think they're both going to go through serious withdrawls
when she leaves in a couple weeks.

Anyway she is a super good girl and now I am SO tempted to get
another dog even with another baby on the way.
It's just so good for Moses.

Here's Ginger in her new favorite place to play...
photo (5)

See my hand taking the pic and how determined
I am NOT to be in the picture?

And our tree is up and we have been watching all
the Christmas classics on tv.
photo (6)

We came across this picture
of my grandma...


I'll sign off with this...
I dont know who these people are
but I got the Christmas fuzzies when I watched this;

Merry Christmas.