Tuesday, October 4, 2011

just laugh, even if it is dumb.

Whenever I start to feel sad...
I get awesome...
no thats not how it goes- is it?
whatever that doogie howser quote is.
Is that even how you spell Doogie's last name?
And that's the wrong show reference.

Raise your hand if you have followed anything you just read.
Okay, two of you. 

Let me start over...
Whenever I start to feel sad, 
I go here http://juliasegal.tumblr.com 
It's the most reliable website on the internet 
in terms of finding stuff that makes me laugh or smile.

In the past five minutes,
this is what I found...

Numero uno


A scene from "Between two ferns" which is my fav.
Its a little show thing in which 
Zach Galafanaskjhdkjfbbvdhkis interviews celebrities on funny or die. 
And I die- it's so funny. As you can see from above.



This isnt so super funny, but it made me smile.

thres. tres. three


AHAHAHAHA. That's just funny.

four. (counting in spanish was a dumb idea)


Big Smile. I adore him. 

Finally Fivero


HA! what the?? So many people have actually typed this question into google, 
it comes up second.
And why would you have to google that?
Because it happens a lot and youre starting to feel bad?
Or because you were crying and someone farted and you dont know 
whether or not to be mad at them.
Most likely because in a random conversation you said, "Its rude to fart when someones crying."
And your significant other replied, "No, its not."
And then you said, "Yes it is... google that shiz."

Truth be told... I did just google it.
I was wrong about all three scenerios.

Now tell me, you dont feel the least bit tempted to google it?

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Lindzie said...

I love randomly googling stuff too...it's bizarre at times what people will google.