Thursday, September 22, 2011

secrets of superheroes

If you have a toddler or have had a toddler
you probably understand the great contradiction 
these little creatures pose.

I mean, they are quite bothersome, aren't they?

And yet, I cannot imagine my life without this beautiful, bothersome fairy, I call Ginger.


Warning... I just took my sleep meds 
and Just so you understand the frame of mind Im in...
Im currently listening to this:

Rock Steady. Its what happens when someone wants you so much, and you didnt get it.

The other day G brought a tape to me and 
asked, "Mama, What's this?" 

A piece of me died that night when I realized she'd never realize the glory of
running on a treadmill, rockin her fly new walkman.


So we called it an accessory and I moved on with my life.

You know that crazy, awesome, adventurous, super fabulous life I have
wherein I make things like this to pass my time...

I title this one Ginger's bedhead.


She likes to hang out with her boyfriend, the running man...

photo .

Anyway back to my gingerdoodle.
Isn't she lovely?
Picnik collage

Point of this post is...

Ginger makes me laugh and smile and feel loved every day.
Every morning, I can count on going to wake her up and hearing her saying "oh my butt"
Like shes just realizing she's naked. 
And for the next 30 minutes, She is known as, Ginger "iwanna" Treese.
Because all I hear is, "I wanna color, I wanna eat. I wanna watch Shark Tale. I wanna Eat. etc. etc.
She's naked. Still.
And her hair is wild. Like Crazy "just escaped from the insane asylum" Hair.
And she is ocd about her clothes. random things like if it feel like their should be another button...
she loses her mind. 
If I try to put on a cropped sweater... ABSOLUTELY BANANAS.
HateS it. 
Empire waists... not into them. 
Maybe thats why shes always naked because clothing stresses her out.

She is obsessed with the garbage truck aka Mater.
The other day I had my headphones on and was lying down in corpse pose meditating.
no for reals.
How else am I supposed to stay sane?
When all of a sudden she jumped on me, I opened my eyes to see her crazy excited eyes 
an inch from my face.
I threw my headphones off, swooped her up and ran downstairs just in time to get out the door
so we can wave to Mater and they can give us a little honk 
and make Ginger's day. 
And she throws out compliments constantly.
"Ooooh I like your nails." "Ooooh those shoes are gorgeous." 
And she gives credit where credit is due...
the other day, I power cleaned the house while she was napping, and when she woke up,
as she was walking down the stairs she goes, " Oh my goodness. Look at that. Its gorgeous."
"You did that Mama, Im so proud of you". 

Not a man in sight would look twice, but that little 2 year old sees everything.
kinda scary.

But the most wonderful thing about Ginger is her thoughtful beautiful soul.

And every night I tell her a secret, its always I love you accompanied with a
compliment. Then Ginger tells me a secret. 
For three weeks its been. " I love you and I like your coloring"

But do you know what her secret was today?

"I love you and youre a superhero."

Then I died.




Alyssa said...

That just made me cry. What a wonderful compliment. She seems like such a smart, beautiful and unique little girl.

Victoria Elder said...

First off Ginger is! That girl is special :) you are a superhero!! What a compliment. Love this post! I haven't been reading blogs & just started hopefully again. But what a way to start