Thursday, September 1, 2011

Free Night

And so far Ive accomplished so much.

I swear I have a to do list a mile long...
and as soon as I have the time; Im like
Uhhhhh. errrr.
Quick someone demand something of me!
Im so lost.

Currently Im watching that documentary, Babies.
So much nudity. What is this rated?

No but really, Ginger would love to be an african babe...
All they wear are accessories. No clothes, just awesome necklaces.

Last week I had acupuncture,
this week I missed my appointment.
on purpose.
I just felt so out of wack since my first session.
I've been super low on patience and my body hurts more then before.
I have the worst back and neck pain.
I've even upped my yoga to two daily sessions.
sometimes its with Wiggles as my background music.
And occasionally I have to rig my poses around Oliver
in an effort to entertain him.
This is always fun because he gets super excited.
And when he's excited his legs go bananas.
So downward dog is usually accompanied by a kick to the chest.

Anyway, I was convinced my "off" week was because the doctor
screwed up my chi.
Maybe she tried to balance it but put a needle a millimeter too far.
Sounds logical to me.

Point is... I just realized something that may persuade me to pick up the phone
and beg her to squeeze me in tomorrow.
I realized...
I havent cried in a week.

Oh if you only knew how monumental this was.

Oh my gosh, African babies are so badass.
Remind me to buy oliver some wild animals.
Maybe a pet wildabeest or something.
Yes, thats the correct spelling.
I googled it.
This is the one Im thinking of buying him...


I think we'll name him, Pete.

Oh Speaking of Yoga... seven paragraphs above...
Happy Birthday to this lovely lady...


95 years young!

And also to this Gorgeous Mama
who is still under 50...

magichour (4)

Thats not a new mole above her lip.
She's showing off Ginger's excellent makeup skills.
My mom is so amazing.


Here's Oliver waiting to give her her birthday balloon...

magichour (3)

Yes it says, "thinking of you."
Yes I bought it from the hospital gift store.
And yes, Oliver did almost poke his eye out with that and it had to be taken away.

Heres another picture just for cute sakes,


He was not too happy this night.
His teeth are coming in with a vengeance.
Luckily, he is a superhero and can tolerate this getting teeth nonsense.

And whats a post without this dollface/wierdo?


Not only is she pretty, she's also a total brainiac...


See, glasses to prove it.

okay, Im off to bed.