Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Home Videos

Here's a little video of Ginger and me.
Please excuse my unwashed hair and
annoying voice.


The Bells said...

Oooooh, that is so sweet it literally melts my heart and makes me miss you guys. When I watched the video and the sound came on, Isla started looking everywhere. Then started purring. (Her new way of showing affection.)
AND for the record - I think you are GORGEOUS and didn't notice any dirty hair or annoying voice at all. But I think videos make my voice weird too. So I get it. :)

Whitney R said...

I loved seeing you on video! And Ginger is SO CUTE! It's like I met her for the first time. Almost, anyway.

And I sing popcorn popping to Naomi all the time and she get's SO excited. It was cute to see you doing it too.

And you are beautiful!

Kate Korr said...

This is the best. thing. ever! What are you talking about dirty hair and annoying voice!? I'm thinking, gorgeous! I can't get over how much more grown up Ginger is than Michael. Thinking I need to get a tutor.