Friday, August 22, 2008

Spencer and Heidi

This post is dedicated to Amber...

Who's biggest fear is that Speidi will take over the world.

This is also in honor of The Hills premier this week
And all of a sudden Life Makes Sense again.
Lo still had her panties in a bundle.
Spencer was there in all his Doucheness Glory.
Hiedi was fakey fake fake.
New character! Hold the Phone!
Oh wait it's Heidi's super lame and equally fake sister.
With her eye on the Hollywood Prize.
Audrina was feeling Sad and Left Out and Totally Emo.
Whitney was Boring.
And Lauren is trying to Land herself a Man!
It is ultra satisfying to have all these trainwrecks back in my life.

speidi at the pumpkin patch

Big big pumpkin!
As big as Spencer's head.

And The Next Bachlorette Is...
the next bachelor

Yuck. There I said it.
I mean, I want a husband not a wife.
The great thing is that his son will be all up in the show.
Nothing like using a four year old to boost ratings.
But I am sure all you Jesse Haters will LOOOOVE this.

And Casey has already started his Christmas list.
Yep, 4 months early.
Here's whats on it...
A remote control car.
That's it.


Adam and Kristina said...

Oh, Speidi. I love how Lo goes around trying to convince everything that she isn't a bitch. Has she watched herself on the show? Clearly, she is.

And I actually like Jesse.

The Raybould Family said...

Spencer is a douche, and his flesh colored mustache drives me nuts.

I like Jesse. So Jason is the new Bachelor? Can't say I'm super super excited for this new season.

And a remote control car is easy. And I was entertained by my nephew's for a good 20 minutes. I was playing with it of course, if anyone else is than it's just annoying.

hello, my name is amber marie. said...

a blog dedicated to little 'ol me? you shouldn't have.

i'm definitely adding that book to my 'to-read' list asap.

i've honestly never watched an entire episode because 1/2 way through i want to die... and spencer makes me want to vomit.

and the bachelor? that show is STILL on?!

good thing i have you and kristina to fill me in on all the celebrity gossip! sheesh! ;)

Ashley said...

I happen to be a jesse hater, and a Jason lover! Im glad you have made the big baby announcment! THanks for calling me back last night! Hater! Love ya! :)

The Dynamic Trio said...

I have made a promise to myself that if i'm EVER in Hollywood and i see Heidi OR Spencdouchemyster that i will throw something at them, yell prophanities, and key their stupid cars. Yes. Mature i know. But may they bth die a painful public death.

And Lo...UM, hello?? Miss SUPER BEEYATCH needs a reality check. I like Lauren, but i hate how she can't see who Lo really is. And frankly, i feel sorry for Audrina. She's a sweet girl that's just a little messed up with her guy choice.

I personally LOVE Whitney. She's so genuine and NON drama. I'm Whitney fan.

Ohhhh the drama.

And p.s. Congrats AGAIN on being a cute little mommy! ;)

The Raybould Family said...

Yes... you say procreate NOW that you've done just that. If it were only that easy to just get knocked up. I have a husband that has to feel like I'm taking him into consideration too, but in all reality, I just want to call the shots cause I'm the one who will make it, birth it and raise it. He's just gonna pay for it all. haha. I'm just trying to be patient and not jealous of every woman around me getting fatter and stretch marks and happy little belly pats from every stranger they come across.

Adam and Kristina said...

Alexis, where have you been, my dear? I have posed a question on my blog that Amber is convinced you know the answer to. :)