Monday, February 1, 2010


I got a 50 mm lens for my birthday.
I don't pretend to know anything about photography
But I do know this.
My DSLR could possibly cure cancer
that's how fabulous it is.

This all stems from babies.
Truly. If this was a perfect world,
We'd go in for an ultrasound and the doctor would say...
Would you like to know what you're having?
Oh, Yes please.
It's a girl! and wait... I see something else...
Yes! Let's try and get a better look... Oh yes... this is incredible...
You're also having a.... a.... A CANON T1i DSLR!!
So that's why my heartburn's been so gnarly!

Babies should come with instructions, bags of money and a dope camera.
I know. I took the words right out of your mouth.
Anyway. I asked for a 50 mm because...
And by research... I mean, I typed best camera lenses in my google bar.

Turns out... It was a super choice.
This lens is SO fun and serves it's purpose well.
Personally (now remember I know NOTHING about what I'm talking about)
I love being able to put my camera in manual and try to get as focused
as I can on my subject and have everything else incredibly blurry.
It feels like the picture is screaming at me.
That made sense in my head.
The 50mm helps me achieve the "screaming affect"
Of course I could have bought a macro lens but
it would have cost me about 10 times more.
Just not to that level of devotion yet.
The biggest problem is
things look perfectly focused in that teeny tiny window
and yet, sadly...
focus no bueno.

Oh well.
Here's some pictures taken with the 50...


moses ball

Moses, my love.
My Sweet Co-dependent Love.

AND... BEHOLD! The baby who came MINUS the instructions, bags of money and camera.
But I kept her anyway.

ginger 1210





You may not eat my baby.
But trust me, I completely understand the temptation.

Now I'm going to show you why it SUCKS to have your camera on manual
when you are a beginner.


Man, I am dumb!
Why is my focus on Ginger Ginger and not Mirror Ginger?


Alright. a mistake so nice I did it twice.
Im awesome.

Um excuse me while I go drink a gallon of bleach in an effort to PUNISH MYSELF.
Seriously... I swear I thought it was in focus.
I probably was shaking from the excitement of the photo opp.

In all honesty, I have hundreds more like that.
I'll spare you.


Whitney R said...

Yahoo!! I'm so excited for you! And I LOVE the pictures. I got a taste of what a nice lens does with my telephoto, but you have to be so far away to take them and while I'm stuck inside all winter that just doesn't work. But, thanks to Christmas I got the most expensive lens I wanted out of the way. So, I used my Christmas money and monthly money and my 50mm is coming TOMORROW!! So, hopefully I'll have some amazing pictures like this to show too. And it's even more cool cause we have the same camera. And I take a ridiculous amount of pictures because it's so fun

Victoria Elder said...

Ginger=Doll! Glad you are experimenting with your camera so much, gives me something to look at. Lurve it oh ya & I am coming to vegs for shiz

andrea. said...

ginger is the cutest! no, seriously!! i LOVE her outfit. i hope my babies looks that cute...dressing a girl seems kinda hard.

i want to see more pictures!