Thursday, October 30, 2008

This Week

Ginger started kicking last week.
These past 5 months for me has not exactly been awesome.
Don't hate me for saying that.
But her kicking is SO INCREDIBLE.
And my Doctors... Dr. Michelle Lewis and Dr. Damon Masaki are
Nothing short of perfect.

And...Last Friday Casey and I went out for dinner.
It was late.
I had been waiting For E ver!
Hungry pregnant woman = Godzilla.
We decided on Burger Bar in Mandalay Bay (after 3 other restaurants had 45 minute waits)
and on our way there Some random person gave us front row tickets to see HIM:


Joel McHale!
Casey and I both totally LOVE HIM!
All things in the universe had to align for this to happen.
Joel was a part of our destiny.
Yes, I am that dramatic.

Casey took a picture of me that night so you all can check out my BELLY:


Check out Sammy lower corner. Awwww so cute.

And..This weekend we got together with My brother and sister in law Cody and Nikki
to have chili and carve pumpkins.
We missed you Amber and Clay.



Casey picked out a Rio Jesus pattern to carve.
Which is SO Casey.
He always begs me to to buy those 1.99 candles with the Virgin Mary on them
at the supermarket.

I am so mad at myself for not getting a picture of the Rio Jesus Pumpkin sooner.
So it started molding.
Those freakin things mold in two days easily.
So I did some photo trickery to hide the mold.
You get the idea...

rio jesus pumpkin

Final thought: We decided not to name Baby Treese- Ginger.
Instead she will be named Cologne.
After that blond chink on Stylista.


Kristina P. said...

I seriously want to cry. I LOVE Joel. He was in Utah about a year ago, and I didn't know. Sob.

Whitney R said...

Crap. I KNEW I should have set Sylista to tape. I have to know who she will be named after!!

Love the blue pumpkin. He did a really good job on it.

You must just hang out with really beautiful people... I have yet to see a picture on here of someone so-so.

Are you sure we can be friends??

You look GREAT. Such a hot pregnant woman! You can still pull of skinny jeans - are they even sort of maternity? I keep trying to feel my nephew kick (I think she's about as far along as you, due Feb. 21st) but I must smell like tryptophen because he is always sleeping when I'm near! Even though I jiggle him and yell and poke... nothing works. So when I meet you, unless you are so annoyed by belly touchers, Cologne better kick me.

YOU SAW JOEL MCHALE?!!?! I'm so stinking jealous. We watch him religiously. Man. I wish I lived in Vegas and when I went out for BURGERS I got front row tickets to see someone awesome. And sit by Brandon Boyd. Instead I go to Applebee's and see no one. But Jaren.. oh, he knows EVERYONE.


That's awesome,though!

I've decided I like to leave novels as comments on your blog so you really really feel the love.

HENNE: Sounds like Penne. Mmm pasta. It's been SO LONG since I've had pasta! Since going on this diet a month ago.. or has it been longer than a month? I don't know. I'm basically only halfsey's on it now because I eat brownie's and candy like I never tried to leave them.

Whitney R said...

By the way. I TOTALLY would have commented before Kristina if I had cut mine SHORT.

But I've sworn off short comments just for YOU.

(except for this one :D)

UNDSING: Sing under? Sing undies? SING IN YOUR UNDIES! Man... I miss wearing panies. Yeah, I like the word panies MUCH better than panties. TMI?

Life as Ashley said... prego hotness! I cannot rock skinny jeans non-prego. Sad. You look great! (Hope you are still feeling it too).

Baby kicks are the weirdest thing in the world, aren't they? I know this may sound weird, but Kaeden was such a kicker that I totally got used to it. Right after I had him, and (even every now and then since then) I would feel "phantom" kicks in my belly. I wouldn't think anything of it other than, "hmmm kicks." Then I would think, "wait a minute....I'm not pregnant." (No it wasn't the pain killers talking to me either). Enjoy the kicks. I always did. Some people complain that they hurt or are an inconvenience. I loved every second of them. They let me know baby boy was ok. Just wait until you have your moment where you panic because it's been awhile since she's kicked. I totally said I would never be that person....then I was. Luckily Jeff is much more level headed than me. :)

Joel McHale would have been awesome. I've been to Vegas many times, and have never even been to a show. Not even some kind of cheesy third-rate review. I'm a loser. One day....

Oh, and the pumpkin is awesome! I think that the photo-editing adds to it's super-righteous effect. Kudos.

If you name the baby Cologne, please, please, please pronounce it koe-log-nee. It's way cooler.

Word verification: vedenn

Instantly reminds me of venom, but if pronounced vee-din, it's obviously the way a Swedish person pronounces the name of their country. [duh]

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

Henne made me think of someone with a henna tattoo smokin weed listening to the Rolling Stones. in a sentence..."Casey and are such Henne's." No were not.

I have one high standard for people in my circle. Beautiful... youre in. kind, loving, down to earth, funny...all overrated virtues which mean nothing to me. I'm pretty much hoping by hanging out with attractive people I'll be considered beautiful by association. But You Whitney are beautiful- so dont worry. And PS those are skinny jeans 3 sizes bigger, top button undone with a bella band on. And Cologne WILL kick you, but only if you sing her a kanye west or rolling stones song. so try to have one in mind.

Life as Ashley said...

next word verificaton: eusledn

as in "eusledn?"

"naah, I prefer to snowboard."

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

Ashley your pronunciation of Cologne is hilarious because Casey seriously wants to name our first son: Colonial. (Not going to happen) Pretty close to your suggestion.

Life as Ashley said...

okay, I was really going to stop it with the word verification, but the next one to pop up: sadam

as in hussein

I'm officially done.

Whitney R said...


Can I hear the story behind that?

And thanks for saying I'm beautiful enough touch your belly.

I'm going to memorize Kanye's "Through the Wire" song.

REGAGG: Again gag? Gag again?! Oh no.. someone tried to feed me clams. That's the only thing that could get me to gag. Oh, that and when you bite down on Chicken Cartilage.... ehehhhh

Daniel & Aubri said...

I'm so glad you've updated! You are looking cuter and cuter each picture! Feeling your baby kick is so awesome, huh? It just gets worse and worse the further along you get-worse in a good way!

Ashley said...

you're darling Al! I love ya!


Yay! I'm so glad you are starting to feel those little kicks. Believe me, they will get stronger, but it is awesome! I am so glad my little Niamh is here, but I was feeling nostalgic about her little kicks the other day. It feels wierd not to feel anything in there anymore. We love Joel too and never miss The Soup....hilarious. I bet he was awesome! You look terrific by the way.

The Swan's said...

aww you look so cute! and Ilove the burger bar so yummy worth the wait but If I were pregnant I would be godzilla if I had to wait! lol..sushi this friday?

J said...

I totally love you.
I decided you must know this via blog post, how ELSE would you ever know.

You are beautiful!! ♥

The Bells said...

I am the worst at leaving comments lately.
Yeah, I've got to say you make me laugh really really hard. Aaron and I LOVE Joel too. That's awesome. And your baby (Ginger? Cologne?)is kicking now? That has got to be the weidest feeling, I can just imagine. Actually I can't really imagine it...
Speaking of baby Ginger or Cologne (not sure which one you are sticking with)- back when Casey, Aaron and I used to chill Casey always said he was having a girl and a boy and naming them Royal and Blue. And yes, we would actually have these conversations. hahahaha
Alright! December! We can't wait. Aaron says hopefully there is snow by then so the resorts will be open :) But we got a little yesterday so we'll see! Let me know more details when you know but we will keep it open.

Corynn said...

Ali you look so good. I love that you put this picture on. Makes me feel not so involved in your pregnancy.