Thursday, October 16, 2008

Optimus Prime

First and foremost... I am 20 weeks along which means...I'm halfway there!
I think I remember Casey and I high-fiving over it last night.
Doesn't it feel lame to high five your husband?
Or is that just me?
I get those babycenter updates
and it turns out she's the length of a banana.
Which seems really big.

This is my craving list...
1. Vietnamese food
2. Italian lemon soda
3. Lemon-poppyseed scones
4. Crackers and jalapeno-cheddar cheese
5. Dove chocolate ice cream

Also I love my new straightening iron.

The Hai Digistick.
I broke up with my chi because it turns out it's ceramic coated metal
but the Hai is completely ceramic.
So it's 5 % better for my hair.

On a completely different note...
We celebrated my nieces birthday last week
at Peter Piper Pizza.
The first thing Casey asked me for was money so he could do this...


I cant explain this picture.
But I posted it to ensure fair blogging.
They cant all be good pictures.
I made it smaller because it's a little less embarrassing.


Here's the birthday girl.
She wanted a transformers theme.


Here's Optimus Prime himself!



The Robertson Clan said...

you have way random cravings...all i craved was meat. weird. but i ate meat like there was no tomorrow...oh and i guess i was pretty addicted to cereal too.

anyway love the picture of you! way to be fair. although i did click on it to make it bigger...ha!

Life as Ashley said...

Yay! Half way! It's not lame to high-five your hubs. My hubs makes me do a "secret" handshake. Now that's kinda lame...

Kristina P. said...

Ha! I love that picture.

Guess what? I met Amber tonight! She came to the mini meet and greet, and she was so cute and sweet. She talked about how great you are.

Whitney R said...

You can drop the weird high fiving rule because you are halfway through being pregnant!

Oh... I LOVE DDR. I'm wondering... do they make it for wii, yet? Or is it strictly a sony copyright? I WANT one! I'm even considering buying a play station JUST so I can DDR.

Oh, and love the picture.. hungry?

And let me know how your straightener works for you. I just bought a new one.. works well so far.

The Bells said...

Now I am all paranoid because I have the Chi, do I need to break up with mine too and get the Hai? haha I am really worried now.
I guess I need to see Transformers so I can relate. Looks like fun though.
And I can actually say I have never done Dance Dance Revolution. My college had a club for it but those guys were way to serious. I would have been slayed for sure. Put that on my list of things to do...

Corynn said...

I crave those things to now that you mention it. I love you and Casey. I wish I could let go more and have a little more fun like you guys. I think it's so funny Daysha wanted to have a Transformer party. No princess for her?

Lauren Eldridge said...

Cute pics :) I loved our 4 hour lunch as well. When are we going to hangout again? You and Casey can come play the wii with us and shoot pool at our house if you want.


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