Sunday, October 5, 2008


Casey got a new skateboard this weekend. 
And I think he has been transported back to the days of his youth.
Last night he and Eric went for their first "skate sesh."
I have to use quotation marks because I dont feel cool enough to use their lingo.

Here's a video our talented friend Eric Cannon made.
I love the interview, with Casey using words like 'Hella'.
It's like they're freshman in college again. 
Which I completely understand what a great feeling that can be.


Whitney R said...

A few things I loved about the video

1. I didn't understand his lingo either
2. he had to put his hood back up.. image my dear (hehe)
3. the video itself was well put together
4. the ending scene


hello, my name is amber marie. said...

gotta keep the hood up casey :)
super cool video! i loved everything about it :)

Aaron said...

dawgggy vid is hella sick I miss skate days in SLC back in the day. you need to roll up here stat and sesh the heber skate park. you guys are gonna be such fun parents.

Kristina P. said...

What an awesome video!

Riot Grrrl said...

Oh snap Chainsaw is back!

The Robertson Clan said...

how funny! kenny and i were cracking up when we were watching this. loved the lingo and the sweet skating!

Luke, Nicole, and Brighten said...

I love Casey! That video is "sick", pretty neat-o.