Thursday, November 12, 2009

Magical Powers

I have an eight month old child.
and she's starting to do little person things.
She looks less fragile.
She's a bit more assertive when she wants something.
She vocalizes her feelings... not in any sort of language we understand of course.
But it's not hard to pick up the tone; happy, excited, sad, angry, etc.
She's the funniest girl in the world to me.
She is rolling and will crawl in a matter of days, I'm sure.
She is absolutely beautiful.

She likes to wear her Peruvian getup when we go to Norway. Naturally.

And in her free time she enjoys reading skateboarding magazines.

She likes to express herself.
Copy of IMG_0891 copy

And when she's not growling she's squealing in delight.
Copy of IMG_0899

She likes to look you in the eyes and cast a spell that makes you beg her to tell you her dreams
so that you may make all of them come true.

The girl has magical powers, I'm telling you.


Kate said...

Michael growls all. the. time. and then shrieks at the top of his lungs when you look away from him. I have no clue how he gets his voice that high.

The Bells said...

Oh my goodness she is the most adorable little thing I have ever seen! I just need to cuddle her! I could look at her all day, in a very non-stalker sort of way of course. I can't wait for she and Isla to meet and play together. You are such a great mom.

Victoria Elder said...

those baby blues hold magical powers for sure!! Her little peruvian outfit is dope for reals...very urban love the feel of it! She seriously is a doll!

The Swan's said...

She is too adorable! I love the flower headband!

La said...

they have to have magical powers. otherwise who would want to have more of them. they are demanding little pixies, no?
(she is such a cutie. bring her back to the beach! i will make more maple whipped cream for her!)

Life as Ashley said...

Is it dorky that when you blog appears in my google reader, I save it for the last one to read?

It's like dessert. I save the best for last! [And I'm never disappointed]

G is growing up! It goes so fast, doesn't it? She is going to be a beauty! I love how they can just talk to us with their eyes.

Treese Family said...

Ginger is a doll. Love seeing pictures of her. She's growing up so fast.

Corynn said...

I love this post! So cute. Oh she is getting big. Makes me sad. Adorable. I love you. So glad you posted. I guess it's my turn now. Love you!

Daniel & Aubri said...

SO cute Alexis! I just LOVE the way you write. You really do describe things perfectly. Ginger is such a little angel!


Absolutely Gorgeous! It looks like you are really enjoying having a little girl. You always have her dressed so dainty. I love this stage. It seems like they pass milestones over night.