Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ray... A drop of Golden sun

Is it embarrassing to admit I cried
very hard
during this video?
It's just that sweet.
And the timing of finding it was impeccable.

Can you just imagine a world
wherein upon feeling blue and "woe is me"
All of a sudden you hear a sound...
the sound
of music.
And a group of happy strangers walk through
your door and spontaneously start dancing.
Even throwing in such classic moves
as the Mac-arena.

Yes Please.
Sign me up for that.

Because all of a sudden I'm feeling a little lighter.

And yes.
You read correctly.
This post does contain a sentence that reads...
Wherein upon...


TopCat said...

I cried too. Thanks for sharing

Liz said...

Me too on the crying. It was the old lady with the big smile on her face that did it. And the idea that so many people would get together to do something that is so joyful!