Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello again

I really love a unique vintage scarf.
I never really wear them.
But they are just so beautiful to me
I always find myself buying them.

Apparently Casey is training Ginger to adapt
my obsession...

g scarf

I woke up and came out in the loft to find her with a makeup
sponge and my scarf on.

And that is why I love those two.

Because Casey always remembers the importance of accessorizing
our child.
And because Ginger taking very well scarves and applying fake makeup.

Some people like to brag about husbands doing laundry
or babies doing silly stuff like walking.


Life as Ashley said...

Wait? There are husbands who do laundry? I don't believe it.

Ginger is a doll. And the picture is beautiful. I love how you edited it.

andrea. said...

i love that scarf! ginger is sporting really well too...what a cutie!


I love scarves too. My nana always wore really cool ones. Ginger is so cute and I'm amazed that she'll actually wear it, Niamh would be pulling it off and wiping her nose in it :)