Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why Journals are Awesome.

I used to hate keeping a journal.
Seriously, how embarrassing are the ones you
wrote when you were thirteen?

My mom said she used to refer to herself as Fred
in her journal.
That cracked me up.
Especially because she had no logical explanation why.

Anyway... I cam across my journal from my first year of marriage.
I know, Right?
Oh the first year... It's such a ride.

This story made me laugh SO hard.

It was an entry I wrote 6 months into married life.
I have confessed to all of you my awful lack of time management skills.
I always have to say it twice, it' s so bad.
So at the time I was working from home and really struggling to
not procrastinate so my work day didn't seem never-ending.
I wanted to do nothing but work for 8 hours.
Then close my computer at five p.m. and focus on way more
important things.
Like t.v.

behold, the entry:

Casey took the cable plug so I couldn't watch t.v. today
and focus on work.
I didn't know he did it, until he came home
and told me.
I was so mad and my feelings were hurt.
I felt like I was twelve again
and my dad was telling me,
No tv until homework's done.
I hated that Casey did this.
He promised he wouldn't do it again.
He better not.
Because I'll never settle for a marriage
where the husband pulls dictator moves like that crap.

This is so freaking funny to me.
I have no memory of this happening at all.
But I can picture it perfectly...
Me complaining hours on end to Casey
about how I wish I could stay focused on work.
and Casey thinking like men think(generally)...
She's telling me all this so I can fix it.
And his solution is to take the cable plug to work!
So I can't let Oprah distract me.
And I can totally see him preparing to say to me,
You're very welcome sweetie.

Oh, it's awesome.
Because I know he had good intentions.
And to read my feelings regarding "dictator crap".

He better not.


Victoria Elder said...

"dictator crap" for sure that was a total hitler move... I woulda spent the next month calling him f├╝hrer

Life as Ashley said...

Total guy move.

And you are right, he probably thought he just swooped in and saved your day for solving your problem.

So funny!

The Swan's said...

haha sounds like somthing i first wrote in a journal on somthing dumb brennan did haha its always fun to look back and have a laugh!

The Bells said...

Hmm I never ever did keep a journal. It always seemed like risky evidence to me. But now this sorta makes me wish that I had written down some thoughts! It's like looking back at old pictures and thinking "why did I ever wear my hair like that, how could I possibly have thought that looked good?" Funny stuff.