Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Love

Yay! I can come out of hibernation and
cut down on my anti-depressants
because Spring has come to save me.

April 2010 14

I'm going on three days of bad sleep
and a back full of knots
My brain is a dumping ground for thoughts of all different levels
of unnecessary
and my daughter is two head shakes away from the attitude of a
pre-menstrual tweenie.
So don't count on me making any sense at all
this post.

True to my word. My explanation of
not making sense doesn't even
make sense.

I am just relieved winter is OVeR.
Ugh that was a tough one.
I must go from Agoraphobic to social butterfly in
the blink of an eye.
Because Vegas only has 42 days of good weather
and I have to make the most of it.

First step of a non-agoraphobic life is to leave the house.
Extra credit if you go out of town.
Plus two.
We went to Santa Barbara.
Oh, Santa Barbara.
Dear, sweet Santa Barbara.
You're so good to me.

We met up with family on Saturday.
Casey for a round of golf
G and me for a day of shopping and yard playing.
I'm a unperceptive, inexperienced mom
so I got to learn the very awesome lesson on:
Why you should put sunblock on your kid.
Because sunburned children are miserable children!
A sunburn coupled with teething was not Ginger's cup of tea.
Man, was she just impossible at times.
But then she'd do something so freaking cute
we'd be all drooley and lovey over her
and only have the imprint of her teeth on our finger to prove
difficult moments ever existed.

April 2010 4

See that existential glow about her?
Kind of freaks you out, huh?
Don't worry, I'll give you the recipe:

1 cup of sunshine
1 cup of photoshop

It's also a recipe for

dramatic pause.


Parental Confession;
Sometimes I'm afraid of my one year old.

April 2010 3

The girl never looks at me when I have a camera in my hand.
You'll notice all the pictures I have of her are
those in which she is looking off somewhere else.
It's like she's knows.
You know.
That secret they all share but feign ignorance.
The "I know what my mom wants
so I'm going to give her anything but..."
They start to get their powers so young

Back on subject. That picture was an example of Ginger
as a soldier in the war against mom.
She didnt want me to get the
"My daughter is a heavenly creature who goes about the world
spreading rainbows and unicorn flakes where ever
she roams. May you be lucky to be blessed with the presence
of her someday." look.
So when being forced into looking directly at her mother
who is holding a camera
she growls and takes an abundance of oxygen in through her nose
as a warning to me and all you in blogland...
She will be no ones bragging pawn.

I need sleep.

Okay Saturday afternoon. Santa Barbara.
Casey has returned from golf.
With a face like this;

April 2010 1

dang, he looks good.
What is that he's wearing?

An hour later my uncle asks me,
Did your husband tell you about his game this morning?
He played outstanding.
I look to Casey.
Best game of my life he says, ever so casually.
I go back and look at my camera.
That's exactly what he's wearing.
The face and demeanor of a man who just got finished playing
the best game of golf in his life.
I'd love to bottle up that special type of adrenaline
he has free flowing in his veins
and sell it on the street corner.
I could probably sell it from my couch too
but street corner just sounds more
You know. Anyway I can make myself more gangster.

April 2010 2

Oh my gosh!
What secret did he just tell G?!

A real sample from my brain:
What secret did he just tell G?
I wonder if it was about me?
Not everything is about you.
I know.
but maybe he's telling her how much he loves me.
that'd be random.
he's probably telling her he loves her.
Awwww that's sweet.
Okay, I dont mind if it has nothing to do with me.
You should call your therapist.


That night we went to dinner and walked around.
Casey tried to tame Ginger so I could shop
but she wasn't buying any of this
mama's on a vacation crap so we just made it to one store.
We ran into this guy on the street.

April 2010 5

Don't you love him?
I love his wrinkles.
Wrinkles are so beautiful to me.
And yet,
Im still saving for botox.

The easter bunny got the memo we were in SB and
stopped by our hotel.
I heard he stayed up late trying to get that bright
yellow bow just right.
And then he was ashamed of himself for taking to much
time out of his life worrying about a bow.
That's what I heard anyway.

April 2010 5

Turned out he was right.
Ginger couldn't care less about the bow.
For starters,
she's one.
Plus she's teething. Plus she has a sunburn.
She could give a crap about the bow.
How do I know?
Because she left this:

April 2010 16

Out hotel gave us an upgrade because
I informed them
we were celebrating our anniversary.
(Our anniversary of celebrating Easter together....
I win!
Damn the Man!)
Dont worry if that makes zero sense.
It's probably because youre not that person.
The person who really feels like you get extra Awesome Life Points
for pulling tricks on Ramada employees in order to get free stuff.
Thats right. I said Ramada.
I'm this hyped up about a Ramada upgrade
(which is basically an "anything but parking lot" view upgrade).
Imagine if we were staying at the 4 seasons...
You probably take less than an hour to blog too.
Aren't you terrific?

Really needing sleep.

All in all, I was superbly happy with our hotel because it was
less than 200 a night and had a courtyard like this right outside our door.


That's the word I'd use.
The pond was filled with fish
sprinkled with ducks and had lots of these little
guys hanging around...

sb turtle

It was so lovely.
I was able to get a few pictures of G in her easter dress.

April 2010 6

It looks like someone hit the PAUSE button on the remote.
How peaceful is this picture?

April 2010 13

Do you want to see pictures of her going through her Easter baskets?
(She got a bonus basket from Grammy and Popi!)
Good. Because I took pictures
two days later
when she was feeling better.
(I'm taking advantage of her one year old self)

April 2010 8

Awww kisses for the bunny.
Open mouth smooches! Her special reserved!

April 2010 10

She let me make her a flower for five minutes.

April 2010 11

Eating her Easter candy.
I didn't open her candy.
don't worry. She's just snacking on some rocks.

April 2010 12

Happy Spring everyone!


Treese Family said...

Happy Spring Ginger! I love how you won't look at the camera. Sounds like something Tyler would do.
Alexis let go to the park and let the kids play we don't have very long before we can't go outside again. I'm glad you had a good Easter. I loved the yellow bow.Can you teach me how to make bows? I'm not very good at it.

Luke, Nicole, and Brighten said...

Where do I even begin????? I l.o.v.e your post, I always feel like I just ended talking with you. I get all excited and think, I'm going to call her right now...then I look at the clock.
Really a rough winter...huh? poor thing! Did it get down to 60?...and your little trips to Cali are about like my trips to Walmart.
You honestly had me laughing out loud several times!!! You are the best!!!
I MISS YOU and i'm not just saying that, get your butt up here!!!!!!!!!
Hope to chat soon!

Luke, Nicole, and Brighten said...

Ali, I just tried to call you and I have a wrong number. Call me I really need to talk to you! I'll email you my cell just incase...I still just have your old emial:)

kurt and ash said...

umm... I think you should consider posting while you are tired all the time. I LOVE this post. You are so awesome, talented and wonderful and i miss you... ohhhh, i miss you.

The Bells said...

Oh I love the pics Alexis! You are amazing! That trip looks like so much fun, I am VERY jealous. And I can't believe how freaking GORGEOUS baby Ginger is. Well, I mean, of course I can believe it because look at her hottie parents. But I can't wait to see her again. G and Isla are going to have so much fun together. Anyway, enjoy your short season on perfection and when it gets too hot - remember Heber is the perfect temp in summer! heehee. Give that gorgeous darling a hug and kiss from us.


Omigosh, you are hilarious. You had me lol-ing for the whole thing. I wish you would write a book so I could enjoy a great read, seriously you write the best posts. I love how you always seem to capture the most beautiful poses of Ginger. She's a model in the making. I love the one of Casey and Ginger, it's so sweet to see the moment they are sharing. Just beautiful! Glad you got to get away and it looks like you had a great time.

Aubrey said...

Wow! That was great to read for two reasons: it brought a smile to my face and it helped me realize I am not the only one out there feeling this exact same way. People who think sleep is over rated have never suffered from a lack of it and then have to get up the next morning and face their kids. You guys look great though and I am glad you had a good time in California!