Monday, April 26, 2010


This is a post specifically made for the purpose
of sharing the same photos from our
Saturday date in the sunshine
that I have already shared via twitter and facebook.

I can't help myself.

When my older brother was Ginger's age
He and my mother spent the summer in Acapulco.
There are the most amazing pictures
of the two of them pool side.
I can't look at them without smiling.
You can just see how content Ray is,
and how in love my mom is.

These Pictures are so reminiscent of that.
I almost want to label them
Our summer in Mexico
to make them a tad bit more awesome for Ginger
when she's older.


I was using hipstamatic app again
and decided to use the Kaimal Mark lens
instead of the John S lens
I usually favor.
I think they turned out so cool.
That photo was the first one I took
and I just about died when I saw it.
I've probably looked at it 27 times already.

Ginger must have forgotten her secret plan.
Remember, the one we talked about earlier...
when she decides to turn the charm off
if a picture is being taken of her.
Because goodness gracious did she work it for the camera.

Case in point...

Oh, hello gorgeous daddy and daughter moment.
I even like that Casey's hair is messed up because it
gives it even more retro-ness.
It reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprio's hair in Revolutionary Road.
But mostly I love the love that's captured.

And then the lovely child layed her head on her dada's chest.
And I died all over again.

Everyone, just relax

This picture makes me want to slow down.
And enjoy the simpleness of joy.

Hello Sunshine

What a doll.
Unfortunately she used up all her camera cooperativeness
because Sunday we attempted to take a few family shots
And she was so angry.
How dare we try to take pictures of her!

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Lindzie said...

These are really great pictures, Alli. Can you come teach me how to do this? :)