Wednesday, April 28, 2010


April 2010 376 copy

I am sitting here crying.
I can't stop.
It feels like someone is stepping on my chest.
All for good.
I came across this picture from our trip to Mt. Shasta
and I cannot even began to express all the emotions that it pulled from me.

My sweet Great Grandmother, Estelle. Ginger's namesake.
She's incredible. I promise.
I'm sorry you probably will not know her.
My great grand-father left behind a letter to be read after he died.
He said to his children,
She is one in a million.
I hope to be a wife and mother esteemed so highly.
I love how she's looking at Ginger.
With such a natural peace.
I love that Ginger is in my mom's arms.
I love that they are in the kitchen in which I feel most at home.
I love that Ginger is looking out the window.
I love that out the window is a perfect view of Mt. Shasta.
I love that above her head hangs my wedding bouquet.
I love that she gets to be a part of this very important part of my life.
Of my personal make- up.
I love that this is now part of her life.

I am so grateful.
I am grateful for my religion.
for my testimony.
Grateful to know that Ginger will know Grammie.
Whether it's here on earth
or in Heaven.
Grateful to feel that peace in my heart.
and grateful for this great legacy of love and kindness my Grammie will leave for me.


Sheila said...

Well Now two of us are sitting here crying! For good. I love you but more than that I know that Gram loves you and more than that I know she prays for you and your family as she has with me and us and most of all I know she always will.

Daniel & Aubri said...

Okay,that has to be the best post ever. I LOVE that you used the name Estelle for Ginger's middle name and LOVE even more that it's your Grandma's name. So sweet. That really is an awesome picture. Also, the sweetest thing ever is for your grandpa to call your grandma "one in a million". Ahhh, melts me. You have such a neat family!


You can feel the love you have for your great grandmother come through your post. What a wonderful thing to see that love continue to each generation. It is such a blessing for your great grandmother to see her posterity, what a wonderful feeling of accomplishment it must be, to see the fruits of your labors. Once again, I love your way with words!