Thursday, July 9, 2009

just a taste

Im SO far behind on blogging...
our fabulous memorial day 4 day party,
our lovely staycaytion, our anniversary,
and our 4th of July chill vacay and just life.
PS I also spent a week with a bestie Amber

but we didnt take pictures...why? who the freak knows...
it was a lazy week, just what we wanted.

So heres a little picture, I will catch up. I think.


Ahhhhh I love it, a porch, a swing, and a daddy/daughter nap.


Life as Ashley said...

So peaceful!

What a sweet moment. :)

amber belmonte. said...

if we would have taken any pictures they would have been of us laying in bed on our laptops.. every. single. day. :)

love this picture! seriously so sweet.

i was excited to see your blog pop up in my reader.. it's been a while. although i can't really talk since i like to blog once a month lately.


Kate, Mike and Ellie said...

Babylegs are the best and Ellie still wears her's!

Naps together are the best!

Victoria Elder said...

Tender! Time to play catch up now start bloggin!

andrea. said...

this picture is adorable! i bet ginger LOVES her daddy!!

Whitney R said...

I am still sad about missing you when you came to Utah.
I'm also sad that I can't ever seem to nail Amber down (hahaha) whenever I go for more than a few minutes.

And this picture is adorable. I also love her outfit.

The Bells said...

Ahhh what a sweet picture! Casey is SOOOO cute with Ginger. Hopefully he can pass some of that on to Aaron. Love you guys!

Luke, Nicole, and Brighten said...

Great Pix!!! I know about being behind...must be a baby thing:) Love ya!

The Swan's said...

looks so relaxing! i need a porch swing and 70 degree weather that would be just fantastic! haha cant wait for more updates!

Corynn said...

She's so big. Cute pic.