Friday, June 26, 2009


and no Im not talking about myself.

Michael Jackson.
First I'll say this...I have a serious love of Michael and know he was the best in the
music industry by far.
I dont have time to post the post I really want to.
So that will come later.

So I leave you with this video... the best performance I've ever seen.

PS... thanks to Adam who twittered this link.
And I dedicate this to Corynn who was the only person I knew who loved him as much as I did.


amber belmonte. said...

as soon as i heard, i thought of you. i totally remember listening to jackson 5 in your room when we were younger. a lot of people are coming out now saying that they are die hard michael jackson fans + always have been.. but i KNOW your love for him is actually legit, LOL..

it was a sad day.
as messed up as he was in his head, he'll definitely be missed.

Corynn said...

This was the best performance ever. I'm so sad too. I just wanna listen to Michael all day long, and watch the new for the latest updates. Last night we were driving and I couldn't find any of his songs playing on the radio. I was so pissed. Doesn't the radio stations know we are morning and need comfort. Maybe it was because I only get like 3 stations and 2 are country. But still pay your respects dammit. I love watching this video by the way.

Kate, Mike and Ellie said...

my girl friend was watching this performance on her phone right after everything broke :(

Whitney R said...

I am still very sad about it. I don't know the depth's of your love, but I love him quite a bit as well. No one understands, everyone thinks I'm a bit cooky. But, there will never be anyone like him ever. And I was really looking forward to his comeback. And I downloaded every song I don't have and have really had a good time finding new songs that are super amazing.

Your the only other person who likes him like I do. This video is awesome.