Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lid Down

Ginger was ready for bed but I couldn't stop looking at her.
So I played with her for about 25 minutes and then put her in her crib.
She cried, which is normal. But she always falls asleep within 2 minutes.
I dont know what it was.
All I know is that I needed her.
I went in the bathroom and rocked her to sleep while singing every song I
could think of.
Including Rolling Stones- Wild Horses.
And - A Child's Prayer- about 10 times because that's the only primary song
I remember.
And she fell asleep in my arms as I rocked her sitting on the toilet.
lid down (in case you're interested).
And I wanted to sing and rock and cuddle for five more hours.
But I put her down, asleep, shut the door and thought.
I'm a rocker!
I may not be able to pace back and forth for longer than 5 minutes
without feeling like I'm going nuts
but for what it counts I can sing my daughter to sleep.
I felt like a mom. a mom who knows what she's doing.