Monday, June 20, 2011

Oliver is six months!

Picnik collage

ollie 6 mos


kurt and ash said...

OH MY GOOD GOSH - HE IS BEAUTIFUL! Like, not just saying it beautiful but SERIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh my goodness - I want to hold him NOW!!!!!!! What the F? When are we going to get to see eachother????????

kurt and ash said...

Um, I think i may have to answer my own question.... we are coming to Vegas for a baby blessing over the 4th of July.... we should get together? Even if its just for like 5 minutes? I need to see your babies - I'VE NEVER EvEN MET GINGER! Sad.

ChristyW said...

I finally got to meet my amazing little nephew! I dont think that I put him down all weekend, unless he was sleeping (and even then i held him for a bit) He is amazingly gorgeous and the happiest little guy. I have fallen in love! And lets not forget my adorable little Ginger that swam with me in the pool and then told me, I want you auntie and snuggled her little nose into my neck. LOVE!


I could get lost in his eyes. Amazing! I've missed reading your posts. Just wanted to say you have the most beautiful children! Well done :)