Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 1

Im taking a 30 day photography challenge.
Challenge is most definitely the right word,
We all know how my 365 blog went.

Day one is self portrait.

I decided to take a picture of me in a familiar setting.
I guess to make it more authentic.
So here I am sanding my parents table.
I've been working on un-ninety-ing this Circa 1992 piece for for three weeks.
And I'll be damned if this isnt the smoothest table top
to ever grace this earth.

Speaking of smooth table tops...
check out the definition in my legs and arms!


I know I should be more modest...
(I also know it looks like Im d.i.y.-ing in my underwear)
but I have been trying very hard to have a healthy physique.

And this picture makes me feel strong.

PS... Whose doing this with me?!



Niels and Susie Jensen said...

Two things.
1) Awesome idea
2) Um, you look amazing. What are you doing and where do I sign up?

Lisa Allsop said...

You look like Rosie the Rivetor.